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Repairing a house in Toronto is not only a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but also requires significant investment. It is possible and even necessary to save on some aspects of a house repair in Toronto, but it is worth doing it wisely, because there is a risk of buying low-quality materials or becoming a victim of dishonest service providers.

If you use proven methods, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchased materials and work performed. For a better understanding of the issue, we advise you to study the following list of ways to save money during repairs.

10 tips on how to reduce the cost of renovating a house in Toronto. Repairing a house in Toronto!

For every corner of the house you can apply a set of measures that allow you to save money during repair. For a more visual presentation, we have formed 10 tips on how to reduce the cost of renovation a house in Toronto.

1. Plans and design project of the house. The cost of repairing a house in Toronto.

Development of the plan and approval of the project design is an important stage of repair. The design project of the house is a clear instruction for the masters of repair. With the help of such project you will not only be able to understand in advance the full cost of repairing a house in Toronto, but also see the final result on the picture.

The quality design of the project can be developed by a professional designer from the company Captain Handy.

Use the advice of our designer.

2. Choice of a contractor for the repair of a house in Toronto.

The quality of the work performed depends on the executor. A good factor to focus on when trying to save money is seasonality. In winter and spring, the services of construction crews are the least expensive.

At the same time, it is possible to agree on the services of a specialist in demand for a standard price. The best contractor for a house repair in Toronto is Captain Handy!

It is up to you to ask private craftsmen for help or to use the company’s services. However, it should be noted that it is more reliable to work with the company.

Firstly, a guarantee on all works plays a big role, we have it – 2 years, secondly, the terms of completion of works are fixed in the contract and they will not increase, and in thirdly, your home is working on a team of professional contractor for a house repair in Toronto: engineer – estimator will calculate the cost of future repair of the house, the designer will draw up a detailed plan of the future repair, an experienced team of masters under the guidance of a foreman will qualitatively perform all the works, and the quality control department will promptly solve all the issues and make sure that you are aware of them.

Private craftsmen can have only one advantage – it is the price, while the timing and quality of house repair in Toronto when contacting them – unpredictable.

3. Building materials. How to reduce the cost of renovation a house in Toronto!

You can save money on building materials, but this does not mean that you need to buy all the cheapest. It is important to have an idea of the optimal price/quality ratio of this or that kind of material. One of the ways to save money is to buy construction materials at wholesale prices through our company. Do not waste your time and nerves – entrust the purchase of building materials to us, and you will get fast delivery on favorable terms. You will make sure that the prices at our expense, at the expense of wholesale, – below the average market.

You can also advise to take a closer look at the various promotions, discounts and discounted goods, because this way you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing materials. Try to calculate the exact amount of everything you need to complete the work, so as not to overpay for residues.

4. Tools. House repair in Toronto!

Purchase of all tools necessary for repair can cost a penny, especially if it is a specialized construction equipment. By contacting our company, you can forget about the need to buy tools, because we have all the necessary equipment and are ready to use. We have the best cost of renovation a house in Toronto, so please hurry to contact us!

If you are going to make repairs on your own, do not rush to go to the store, it is better to think about which of your friends or relatives can be borrowed, for the duration of repair, the necessary tools. In addition, there are special companies, where you can rent a working tool.

5. Floors, walls, ceiling. Budget repair of a house in Toronto!

You can significantly reduce the cost of repairing floors, walls and ceilings. All you need to do is to select the optimal material.

When you start repairing the ceiling in Toronto, choose a method of painting with water emulsion paint, preliminary, plastering all the visible irregularities and pits, if any. Another effective way to hide the irregularities is to choose a ceiling tile, but it costs much more than the same wallpaper or whitewash.

When finishing the walls, the most budget option for repairing the house, of course, will be the wallpaper. Choose models from the average price category, because the time of wear and tear of the wallpaper in this case will be higher than the budget option. Painted wallpaper is the best choice, as it will help to avoid further gluing.

Floor repair in Toronto is the last thing you should do. The most affordable and popular type of flooring is still linoleum. Modern technologies give us a huge choice of patterns, colors and density gradation. If you are a fan of ecological materials, then bamboo floors are a good option; they are much cheaper than wooden floors and fit harmoniously into the interior of the home.

6. Windows. Budget repair of a house in Toronto!

Windows with good thermal insulation can reduce heating costs. The most effective are considered plastic and metal-plastic windows. You do not need to choose the simplest and cheapest windows, as they have a high degree of heat loss.

In the future, this choice will entail an increase in monetary costs for heating the apartment. When ordering repair windows, do not forget that the number of opening parts depends on their cost. You can also order glazing through the company “Captain Hnady“. We will choose the best option, which will meet all your expectations.

7. Electric.

Due to the fact that sockets are used daily, they break down quickly, especially if low-quality plastic is used in production.

Availability of quality sockets and switches allows you to save in the long term, as the frequency of their replacement increases.

Electrical wiring should be designed for loads of several kilowatts – the more, the better. For this purpose you should choose a thicker wire.

To avoid fire it is recommended to install the automatic machine. In case of short circuit wiring the machine will trigger and de-energize the house.

Order the repair of electrical wiring only from proven experts. It is not worth trying to carry out electrical installation work yourself, because this process requires responsibility and skill, and failure to comply with safety instructions and installation technology can cause material losses and human casualties.

8. Bathroom repair in Toronto. House repair in Toronto

During the repair work of the bathroom, first of all, you should take into account the sanitary equipment. You should not buy toilet bowls or bathtubs from foreign manufacturers, because Canadian brands are not inferior to them in quality, and their cost is much lower.

Please, pay attention! Metal baths are very unstable and lose heat quickly, but this option will help to reduce costs. Bathroom walls can be covered with waterproof wallpaper, but wall tiling will last much longer. Interest in discounted products – it will help to save money. For example, you can buy tiles or tiles from us at a low price, like defective goods or non-standard residues.

Our company will bathroom repair in Toronto in a matter of weeks! We will provide an estimate and will do everything to make you feel good in a beautiful bathroom!

9. Repair of the kitchen in Toronto!

First of all, you should remember that the repair of the kitchen in Toronto in winter will be more expensive, as you will have to often air the room, and this in turn will increase the cost of heating your apartment. For wall decoration is not necessary to buy expensive materials or ceramic tiles; it is enough to use the most ordinary wallpaper, as they will last you more than one year.

A lot of expenses are spent on arrangement of the kitchen apron. In order to save money, you can finish this wall with ordinary plaster and then hide it with special paint. You can also install the stove for this purpose, but it is less resistant to high temperatures and deforms due to moisture. A more effective and durable option will be the use of tempered glass. Its installation is very simple and in addition, this surface is very easy to clean.

10. Furniture.

When buying furniture you should not stop at expensive options. There are many models cheaper, and this does not mean that the quality and durability of such furniture will be noticeably lower.

If you have cabinets, pedestals, chairs or other old furniture, do not hurry to throw it away. Today on the Internet you can find thousands of ways and ideas to give old things a second life and give them a unique design style. Restoration of old chairs and armchairs is the easiest way to make an budget repair of a house in Toronto!


Now you know what to pay attention to and how you can save your money while house repair in Toronto. Not having to redo what you have already done is a great savings. Contact Captain Handy to get a quality and affordable custom design home repair from our designer.

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