Budget landscaping


In the first years of development of a country site or suburban area, the question of budget landscaping often arises. That it was beautiful and money did not go much, because you need to first build a house, and then do a full landscape design.

In today’s material I will offer you 10 ideas that will allow you and the site to contain in a neat form, and the overall impression of it increase.

Budget landscaping. Soft-edge principle

The meaning of this principle is that you make the first mowing of the grass in spring on the area under development, remove all garbage if the area is new, and then, during the season, mow only paths, smoothly increasing the cut of the grass. It’s a technique that will make it easy to set up the site.

Colour inclusions in budget landscaping

After the first mowing of the grass, you can scatter the seeds of flowers to diversify your wild lawn. Something from the seeds will certainly not grow, but something will go through. You’ll end up with a Moorish lawn of some kind.

Field daisies take root perfectly, but about dandelions, I think, do not even mention, because they grow everywhere.

Perspectives of budget landscaping

Some designers, generally prefer to work in a wild, natural style. Of course, this approach is still for large areas where you can let nature self-regulate design. In some cases, tall grass islets on the site are appropriate if you want to leave some three-dimensionality. In each case, this technique will either be appropriate or not.

Note that areas to be moved should be cut wider as the grass has a tendency to fall into the track! The recommended swath width of one and a half meters is optimal.

If you’re buying an old plot.

If you have bought an old, neglected area, the first thing to do is to clear it of shoots, mow all the grass, and only then make conclusions about the advisability of removing adult trees.

Often a thorough pruning of the old tree, the so-called rejuvenation, allows you to transform the site, getting immediately an adult tree, and shade, and some kind of entourage.

I always say that cutting down a tree is not a long time, but it will take years to grow. Therefore, the budget landscaping of the site is primarily a correction of what is already on your territory. When planning your future personal space, proceed from the original data available on your site. In this way, your landscape design budget can be significantly optimized