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Building a patio is a good option for your yard! Even if your yard is small, our company Captain Handy will find solutions for everyone. The best price and excellent quality!

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Build a Patio

Building a patio is a big job, especially if you need to make walls, stairs and sprinkle the ground. You may only need a building permit if your house is protected by the state or if you rent it. Never cover the ventilation grilles in the wall of your house – make dents around them if necessary.

Of course, the patio is one of the highlights of the country house, an open-air living room. Our company offers a variety of patios from the smallest to refined. Using the following ready-made solutions, you can order from us to build a patio!

With the development of private, suburban construction and the increase of those who want to live far from the city, enjoying the beauty of nature and clean air, new architectural solutions have appeared. One of these features is a paved patio adjoining the house on the back side.

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5.0 rating

One review for Build a Patio

5.0 rating
   Build a Patio
2020 May 26

Great work by the guys – super solid concrete base with great care for level and cut of the stones. The fact that I required a curve meant a lot of manual cutting with natural stone but they did it up like champs. Little touches like thinking to drill through holes for drainage in the firepit. Personable owner with good work ethic.

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