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In the southern regions with a mild climate, landscaping for the rest of the garden and the backyard of the patio has become a good tradition. After all, it is so pleasant to spend time in nature with your family. Building a patio in Toronto will help you spend time in nature with your family!

Every owner can do the patio decoration at the cottage. It is only important to successfully determine the style according to which the furniture, dishes and other details will be chosen, and the design of your cozy corner, to determine what elements of the interior should be in it.

Building a patio in Toronto!

A patio is an open cobbled part of the courtyard behind the house, designed for summer holidays. Reminds me of a living room, but without a roof.

Do not confuse it with a terrace. After all, the patio area is a separate area in the backyard, and the terrace – the continuation of the house and adjoins one of its walls. The building a patio in Toronto is a very interesting process that will be a pleasure to watch!

For decoration and protection from curious eyes, the patio is fenced with a hedge of climbing plants, planted on the perimeter bushes. Often here they put a portable or stationary barbecue to cook in the countryside. Some owners set up a fireplace, a hearth to warm themselves by the fire in the evenings.

A small fountain, a neat lawn, and a light canopy of rain will be added to the site. Shape and size are selected individually, based on the availability of free space, the functions that will perform this part of the yard. To make it easier to cook and set the table, the patio is often arranged near the kitchen.

In addition, it is worth considering whether you want to hide in the shade of the trees or rest, sunbathing in the sun.

Building a patio – Options for the patio area

A classic patio is a square or rectangular platform with suitable furniture. The entrance can be made both from the courtyard and from the house (when the door is provided at the stage of construction).

But there are other ways to decorate the patio. Let’s disassemble the most popular. Building a patio in Toronto is what every homeowner has to do!

With an oven (grill or barbecue). Building a patio!

Erecting such a construction with a beautiful stove or a barbecue complex is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, such a patio is not available in every country house. It will be cheaper to install a portable grill or barbecue.

For such a site it is desirable to have a canopy so that family rest and cooking is not interrupted by rain.

It is worth to be careful in the choice of materials and buy only fireproof. You can mount the metal frame, laying on top of the tile, slate, and the roof to leave room for the chimney. If in your region the rain is very rare, it is possible to do without an awning at all. The floor is made of stone, decorative bricks, tiles, decking (except for the barbecue area).

It is also possible to take the barbecue out of the canopy. Then there will be no restrictions on the choice of materials to install a patio under a beautiful roof.

When laying a solid furnace, the fireplace stands in advance: Take care of the presence of a strong foundation. Consider the direction of the wind so that the smoke from the fire does not spread towards the neighbors or the dining area. Calculate the permissible distance from residential buildings and green spaces. Purchase fireproof materials.

If the patio project is well designed, even on a small plot it will be possible to make a beautiful corner for rest.

Building a patio with a pool

The floor is made of cobblestone, brick, tile or stone. It is better to choose a place for the patio so that it is not visible from the street, away from strangers’ eyes. Wicker chairs, small sofas and sun loungers are suitable for furniture.

For those who want to hide in the shade it is necessary to provide a retractable canopy. Well will complement the interior of a variety of greenery.

Building a patio with a hot tube

This part of the backyard is available to owners with unlimited financial resources. The perimeter of the paved area is covered with a canopy, pergola, with glass and polycarbonate sheets as the roofing material.

For the decoration of flowers in large beautiful pots, lay out unusual forms of cobbles.

It is possible to install a hot tube in the backyard and without an awning. It is mounted higher than the rest of the furniture, dividing the patio into zones. As a floor covering apply a terrace board.

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