Building a Patio in the Yard


Currently there are many options for homeowners when it comes to landscaping the courtyard. However, for most, the solution is always a choice between patio or terrace. Building a patio in the yard is a great way to create a relaxing area not only for your family but also for the entertainment of your guests.

But which one is more suitable for your home? Well, there are no easy answers to this question, as the right choice will ultimately depend on your budget, landscape or aesthetic needs. While this is by no means biased, many landscape design contractors sincerely believe that patios offer a higher return on investment than wooden terraces.

In this article we will highlight a few of the advantages of building a patio in the yard as the main focus of your yard!

Optimum cost. Building a patio in the yard.

For every square meter of wood you have to pay. Using valuable woods will increase the cost of the terrace at least 3 times. When it comes to the patio, the cost per square meter of paving tiles will cost you from about $10/m2.

Of course, depending on the shape and color, this figure may increase slightly, but it is definitely economical when compared with wood. Building a patio in the yard is a very important service. That’s why we advise you not to economize on material.

The patio is easier to maintain. Building a patio in the yard.

Paving your yard with paving tiles is the best way to beautify your yard, as it is durable and easy to dismantle, you can quickly and inexpensively repair a particular area. Wood, on the other hand, needs constant maintenance to keep it in perfect shape for years to come. Patios are more durable than terraces, if properly installed, you may need to renew the tile joints once every 3 years, while the wooden terrace needs to be treated annually.

Building a patio in the yard will help to spend less time and money to support the structure.

Longevity of materials. Building a patio in the yard.

Because of the durability of the materials used to improve patios, depends on how stable your landscaping will be and withstand rain and other severe weather conditions. Wooden terraces are more susceptible to extreme temperatures than paving tiles.

Patios provide a higher return on investment. Building a patio in the yard.

Even though building a patio in the yard does increase the resale value of the house, an elegant, well designed and built patio can do this by almost 12% while a terrace can increase the value of your home by about 10%. As you can see, not only do you spend less money building a patio, you can also make a higher profit if you decide to sell your property later.

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