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Still think the patio is a simple canopy outside the house? What if you put a gym or a Jacuzzi in it? Impressed? Let’s talk about what kind of gazebo you need!

First of all, we need to decide what kind of patios there are in principle. Construction of a patio in Toronto I suggest to divide them on two basic parametres.

By season of use:“Cold” patioinsulated patio

As intended:for cooking (barbecue)for a little company get-togethernessfor entertainment and sports (billiards, table tennis, gym)to relax (Jacuzzi, pool)

The differences between a warm and cold patio in Toronto

As a rule, those who live all year round, prefer to make insulated patios. These are wooden patio in Toronto that can be used in any weather. They are used to make a warm roof, install windows. In winter it is warm in such a patio, and in summer, when it is hot outside, it is enough to open the windows to enjoy the fresh air.

Construct a wooden patio in Ontario

Initially, the patio in Toronto was conceived by our ancestors as a place to escape the heat. That is why the first mention of the patio came to us from Egypt and the Roman Empire. Chronicles tell us about how kings and emperors settled down under canopies and enjoyed cool wine, waiting for the heat.

For today appointment of a patio has considerably expanded, and to construct a wooden patio in Toronto on forces practically everyone. Owners of suburban areas today prefer to make patios to order, taking into account their wishes and characteristics of the site.

Construct a wooden patio in Toronto

Wooden patios are most often used for outdoor cooking or for gatherings with family and friends. In most cases, customers try to combine both of these requirements.

Our customers also want to use a patio made of wood on demand quite often, so they want to use it for active recreation. The patio is equipped with a tennis or billiard table, and sometimes it has a full gym.

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