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The patio covers is exactly the right thing for your patio. To build a patio covers, you should contact our experts! Great prices and quality of work!

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Patio Covers in Ontario

Although the patio is a courtyard without a roof, the presence of a roof cannot be overstated. Vintage patios in Italy have always been equipped with roofs in case of warm rain, but it is better to provide a folding roof, so that it does not interfere with the pleasure of the sun and the game of light and shadows on clear days. Our team can build patio covers! A folding patio covers is, of course, much less reliable than a fixed roof; therefore, the amount of snowfall in winter must be taken into account and the roof material must be selected depending on this. The colour of the boards in your patio will be of great importance during the summer. Darker boards will absorb the sun and lighter ones will reflect; the speed at which the boards heat up and cool down depends on this. Determine what’s best for you: Faster onset of evening coolness (light plates) or keeping the daytime heat for a longer period (dark plates).
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5.0 rating

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5.0 rating
   James L.   
2020 June 9

We hired Captain Handy to renew our front patio because the concrete was damaged by the time and water. Workers removed the top surface from the patio and resurfaced it with a special waterproof material. Then they completed the job without me within 1 day while I was out of my home. I am completely satisfied with the result. All the team did an excellent job and I would recommend them for any stonework. Also, we plan to hire them for some internal jobs in the future.

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