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Retaining Walls

We build retaining walls of all sizes, heights, shapes, styles.

We work with environmentally friendly materials ranging from wood to the most technologically advanced materials.

Retaining walls are mostly used to bound two levels of elevations and avoid unwanted slopes. Materials commonly used for retaining walls are wood, concrete blocks, metal, natural stone or poured concrete.

Foundation work

Foundation is an essential part of any project whether it’s a house, porch or a deck. A well done foundation will ensure to hold any structure in place without shifting or moving even in our northern weather conditions.

Foundations are most commonly poured with concrete or cinder block built within accordance of a building code. Both when done right will last for decades and longer.

Our team of qualified professionals has knowledge and experience to make sure your foundation will last for decades to come.

Residential & Commercial

We utilize more advanced walls & grade retention systems.

Blocks / stones can be stacked or glued with construction adhesive that are laid on compacted gravel base. More solid walls are cemented together and sit on concrete foundations. We at Captain Handy install more advanced walls and grade retention systems to fit the needs of our residential as well as commercial clients.


Proven performers

We carefully check and train our performers, closely monitor their rating


Insurance and liability

If something goes wrong, we will quickly recover the damage from our own reserve fund of 6 million $


Quality assurance

We fulfill each order under strict rules and quickly respond to your suggestions and complaints


Green Cleaning

Committed to protecting the health of every occupant on your property, we employ eco-friendly methods and certified green cleaning products

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