Not to driveway to the site? We will build an access road for you at a reasonable price and help you choose the right materials. Any construction services from Toronto and all over Ontario!

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Captain Handy offers the construction of driveway to country houses and cottages to ensure comfortable passage in all seasons and in all weather conditions, especially if you plan to stay all year round.

Construction of driveway

In the process of modern suburban construction is often overlooked the moment of arrangement of roads, which in the future may cause a lot of problems, including the need to repair the car. We offer professional road construction and repair driveway with European standards from different types of road surface. After all, the access to the house, as well as the fence with gates, is the business card of the owner.

Construction of driveway in Ontario is a core business of our company. Our engineers and builders have the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the construction of various categories of road surface depending on the peculiarities of the road and soil.

The cost of building the driveway is calculated in the estimate documentation, which takes into account the customer’s wishes. We start the construction of the driveway to the house or section only after all the points of the estimate have been agreed and approved, after which the cost on our part is not subject to adjustments. Call us and read our blog!

Customer Reviews

5.0 rating

2 reviews for Driveway

5.0 rating
   Rory R.   
2020 May 21

Alex and team at Toronto did a great job on my driveway. Was fairly easy to reach and worked with me on timing and had competitive prices. They edge the grass to get true edge to edge sealing. No mess on the garage door or concrete. Will definitely use again.

5.0 rating
   Ben Littlefield   
2020 May 23

Alex and his team make a drywall Installation and taping for our bedroom. The work was done fast with no issues. I will come back for future projects. Thank you

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