Stone Driveway in Toronto


From which you can make a garden path

It is hard to imagine a country or country plot without garden paths in Toronto. They serve not only for convenient movement between different objects, but also perform a decorative function, emphasizing the stylistics of the territory and dividing it into zones. Those who want to ennoble their plot will be really delighted, because the materials for creating garden paths mass: expensive and affordable, natural and artificial, purchased and handy, any shade and texture. Choose, indeed, is from something, but do not forget to take into account not only the attractive appearance of the material, but also its performance.

Each of the many possible materials can be used on garden plots, as the requirements for stone driveway in Toronto and its stylistics are different for each. If the pathway is to be used for the permanent movement of people and goods, it should be as strong, durable and easy to clean as possible. In other cases you can choose less durable and more decorative materials.

Stone Driveway in Toronto, how to choose the right professional in work?

№1. NATURAL STONE. Stone Driveway

Natural stone can be called the most versatile material. It fits harmoniously into any garden plot and can serve as its decoration for many years.

The main advantages:

  • appearance. Different breeds of natural stone differ in color, size, shape and texture, so you can choose the right option to arrange the territory in any style;
  • durability. The stone can serve for decades, because it is a durable natural material, it does not rot, is not afraid of moisture and sunlight, does not fade;
  • ecology.


  • heavy weight, which complicates transportation and installation;
  • high cost.

In addition, on some rocks of stone (granite, marble) in the cold time an ice crust is formed, making it difficult to move along the garden path. The only way out of this situation is to arrange a heating system right under the track, but not everyone will decide.

The type of surface and colour of the stone depend on the rock. The material can be rough or smooth to a shine. The colour range is wide: from light rocks to dark red and almost black. Any natural stone is an expensive material, but the cost of different rocks varies greatly. The cheapest materials include sandstone and limestone. Marble, granite, basalt, porphyry are already more expensive materials.

For garden paths in Ontario, the stone can be used as natural raw material (quartzite, shale, sandstone, granite, gneiss) or it can be further processed to achieve better performance and decorative qualities (basalt, gabbro, diabase). River and sea pebbles are also often used in raw form.

Beautiful natural relief and roughness of the stone surface will decorate the area, but it is important to remember that it should be easy to move along the path, so it is better to choose a stone that has at least one side more or less smooth. Porous rocks, which include tuff and limestone, can accumulate moisture, so every 2-3 years their surface is better treated with water repellent solutions.

№2. PAVING TILES AND PAVING STONES. Stone Driveway in Toromto

Paving tiles and paving stones are still one of the most common options for a garden paths in Richmond hill. These two materials are similar in composition, but the difference is only in geometric dimensions: with the same length and width, the paving stone will be thicker.

Tiles with a thickness of 50-60 mm will be suitable for a garden plot, as there are no special loads on the paths. Paving tiles can be made from a variety of materials and these types are best suited for a garden paths in Ontario:

  • concrete tiles in Toronto. It can be produced by vibrocompression and vibrocasting. The former is more durable, but has the simplest forms, can be used to arrange the paths on which cars will move. Vibrated concrete tiles in Toronto has a wide variety of shapes and is only slightly inferior to its vibrocompressed analogue in strength;
  • clinker paving stone is made of plastic clay, quartz and feldspar, so its strength is not inferior to that of natural stone. To obtain a rough non-slip surface, sand is added to the mixture. Roads made of clinker paving stone will be strong and very beautiful; The stone driveway in Toronto will help make your site more beautiful!
  • natural stone tiles are the most expensive and chic variant, will be an addition to the spacious country area. It is actually the same natural stone, but broken into pieces of the right size, polished and polished;
  • polymer sand tiles are made of sand and dyestuffs with polymers added. The result is an excellent material in terms of performance, but its appearance still gives out the presence of polymers, so for the arrangement of the site in the classic style of such tiles are unlikely to fit, but in all other cases, will get a durable and durable coating of the stone driveway in Richmond hill.

Among the main advantages of paving tiles are durability, frost resistance, durability, resistance to negative atmospheric factors, a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Paving tiles can be laid in a mass of different ways. This explains the wide popularity of the material.

№3. CONCRETE. Stone Driveway in Toromto

Concrete is one of the leading materials used to create access driveway in Bolton, and it can be used for both monolithic paths and self-creating tiles.

The main advantages:

  • low price of necessary components;
  • possibility to carry out all works independently, not having a great experience in landscape design and construction;
  • high strength and durability. You can create both footpaths and driveway in Toronto from concrete;
  • resistance to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • the possibility of creating a walkway or tiles of concrete of any shape;
  • ample opportunities for decoration. Concrete itself is not characterized by high aesthetics, but thanks to the use of pebbles, pieces of glass, ceramic tiles and other techniques can get a fairly nice coating.

Among the main disadvantages:

  • labor-intensive work, as you will have to prepare the mortar and formwork, and if you decide to make the tiles yourself, the process will require even more time and effort;
  • the occurrence of cracks, which is more typical of monolithic concrete tracks. This happens in the off-season during soil shifts;
  • monolithic concrete paths after construction are almost impossible to redesign and relocate.

№4. CLINKER BRICK. Stone Driveway in Toromto

Clinker bricks can be a great alternative to paving stones. Available in different shapes: regular, crevice and tile, can be of different shades. You can lay a brick on a rib or flat, forming whole patterns and patterns, and if you combine the material of different colors, you can get a nice and at the same time strong driveway in Aurora.

Among the main advantages of the material:

  • high abrasion resistance;
  • durability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • resistance to sunlight;
  • variety of shapes and colours.

The only downside is the price, but compared to some other materials suitable for pathways, clinker bricks are not the most expensive. It is better to place the brick on the mortar, and the seams can be filled with a sand and cement mixture or fertile soil, followed by sowing of grass.

The driveway in Bolton will make your life much more practical!


Due to its low aesthetics, the asphalt pavement is used for those stone driveway in Toronto that lead to farm buildings and are located in low visibility parts of the garden plot.


  • low opening costs;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • high durability and water resistance;
  • the asphalt can be in several shades (except dark grey, there are green and red).

The main disadvantage – it is not the most attractive appearance, but this disadvantage can be overcome by rolling in the asphalt surface when laying pebbles or other cute stones. In summer, when the ambient temperature rises, the asphalt can soften and produce an unpleasant smell. Cracks may appear on the pavement, but this is often due to irregularities in the installation process or when paving was carried out under inclement weather conditions.

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