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One of the main parts of the floor construction is its rough layer. This is the base, on which, in the future, and applied finishing. The choice of the front surface of the floor is based on visual appeal, quality materials and certain individual characteristics of the coating.

As for the device roughing the floor, it can be a variety of structures and is made of different materials. Our company “Captain Handy” will help to installation of the rough floor in Toronto at the best price!

Draft floor layers their description and functions. Rough floor in Toronto

  • Bedding – a layer that evenly distributes the loads of all floor elements. It is always located at the bottom, often it is a slab or evenly stretched and properly prepared layer of soil.
  • Smoothing layer – its main function is to smooth (hide all the irregularities) the previous layer. If necessary, it is at this stage that the desired surface slope is set. Materials that are used for laying this layer – sand, crushed stone, screed from concrete.
  • Intermediate layer – a layer between the underlay and a smoothing layer of the floor.
  • Insulating layer – performed individually, based on the functions of the room where the flooring is laid. Its components: soundproofing materials, waterproofing materials, heat-resistant materials.

To qualitatively installation of the rough floor in Ontario – call us!

To install a rough floor in Toronto requires a skills base and quality work of specialists, because the visual part of the flooring will be as good as the rough work on its arrangement. To create an even surface when laying the floor is not enough, you need to pay special attention to the connection of layers between each other, to ensure that the floor surface does not depart in different places and is not damaged.

The secrets of laying a rough floor in Toronto

When carrying out repair or flooring work in Toronto, we often face the problem of not geometricity with gradients reaching up to 3 cm in different places. In this case, you should arm yourself with a rough floor leveler. The application principle of such levelers is identical to that of cement-sand screed. In addition, they are also used to create the slope of the surface.

The condition for using a thick layer of screed is considered only the factor when the room is expected to lay ceramics and granite tiles on the floor. Such a layer of screed requires an individual approach, it must be thick and strong enough, and the finish leveling – perfectly smooth.  

Self-levelling mixture functions. Installation of the rough floor in Ontario

The stage of finishing floor leveling is impossible without self-leveling mixtures. A special mortar is poured onto the base coating and, when sprayed, it forms a perfectly even surface by itself. It is necessary to take into account that with such mortar you should work in a team, have skills of floor construction and perform the works in minimum time. For pouring is given no more than 30 minutes, the mixture quickly solidifies, just 4 hours after pouring, you can walk on the floor.

Also an important detail is the breakdown of a large area of proposed work in small areas, so it will be easier to work, and the final result will be better. To do this correctly, we recommend contacting the company “Captain Handy”, which will install the rough floor in Toronto and throughout Ontario!

If you are renovating and you need to professionally perform the work without delay, the services of the builders of “Captain Handy” in Toronto and Ontario are at your service. You can order construction work by phone, indicated on the site. Write to us at your question or reveal the essence of the necessary work.

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