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Landscape and landscaping is the unique art of transforming an ordinary country estate into a beautiful example of landscape design in Toronto. Many country house owners ask the question: “Do I need a landscape company in Toronto? Maybe it’s cheaper to do the landscaping yourself?

And indeed, the prices for landscaping are quite high. However, it should be remembered that the stingy pays twice, because the unprofessional layout of the garden, poor quality samples of planted plants and uncounted features of the soil will require later even greater financial investment, because to remake an unsuccessful landscape design at the cottage is much more expensive than originally planned and implemented together with a real professional project of a wonderful garden! One of the advantages of working with a designer is time saving and predictable result of the work on the design of the site in Toronto!

So how do you choose the best Toronto landscape company?

Portfolio and recommendations. The business card of each of the landscape company is a sample of the work it has done. Project documentation, as well as photo and video of the implemented projects will allow you to judge the level of skill of a specialist.

Pay attention to the design of homestead lands of your neighbors, if there are options for improvement of the site, which you liked, ask about the coordinates of the designer, because the result of work seen by you personally, and good customer feedback – the best recommendations in our time!

Experience of work. Pay attention to the fact that the specialist with whom you dared to cooperate, had experience from three years.

Comfort in communication. Landscaping and landscape in Toronto is a joint work of a specialist and site owners, so it is very important that communication with the designer brings you only positive emotions, the master at the beginning of the design must ask you about your preferences, wishes, find out what style and filling of the garden suits you.

CompetenceToronto Landscape Company understand all stages of work, knows how to harmoniously combine landscape design with the architectural features of your buildings, takes into account ergonomics, so that the garden was not only beautiful, but also truly comfortable for each member of the family, knows how to correct the shortcomings of the land, is a good dendrologist, and therefore, will help with the choice of trees and shrubs, optimal for the soil and climate of your home area. It is important that the designer knows the principles of automatic watering system and can, if necessary, organize drainage and surface rainwater drainage on your site

Work on the contract. Remember that all procedures for the improvement of the site with the participation of a landscape designer or a companies of landscape design in Toronto to conduct with an obligatory conclusion of the contract. Do not forget that the document, legally correctly co-delivered, will insure you against unscrupulous performers.

A true professional loves his work, which is why a good landscape designer will not only help you create a beautiful garden, but also offer a long service for the care of plants.

Why contact the Toronto Landscape Design Company?

Following the golden rule that says “everyone has to do their own thing”, we strongly recommend you to entrust the landscaping of your site to specialists. In no case we do not doubt your own strength, just looking one step forward. There are at least 5 reasons why you shouldn’t take the job yourself – without proper experience and training!

First reason why you should contact a landscaping company: irregular shape of the site

The garden as well as the house is a reflection of your habits and lifestyle. The main goal of Toronto landscape design is comfort. And only then comes the beauty and other components.

In turn, comfort includes many points, including the convenience of the location of functional areas in relation to each other, the shortest and straightest paths for their connection, the correct stylistic design, which would be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and the house itself. If you are lucky enough to own a perfectly square or rectangular area, this will make the task a little easier. But in most cases, nature makes its own adjustments to the private property of people, and then there is no way without a specialist!

Second reason to contact the Toronto Landscape Design Company: Complex terrain.

The plots on the slopes are particularly charming and picturesque. But sometimes the owners cross out all the “efforts” of nature and with the help of bulk soil level the area, making it look like a football field. Remember: the height difference is not only beautiful, but also a real chance to increase the usable area of your site. And how, exactly, you will be told by the Toronto Landscaping Company, which in this case, too, must be addressed.

Third reason to contact the company: high ground water

Landscape design in Toronto is not just a beautiful composition around the house. It also includes the introduction of underground utilities, fences and small architectural forms – sometimes with foundations (e.g. arbours). In their arrangement, the groundwater level is of great importance. In addition, if the site is located in a lowland, it is possible to flood in spring and autumn, and this will have a negative impact on most plants. Modern drainage systems and the correct selection of plants will help to solve this issue. But they need to understand the meaning, and therefore – this is another indication for professionals.

Fourth reason to contact the Toronto Landscape Company: Wildlife on the site

In fact, the question is not about the presence of large forest trees or a natural lake, for example, but how to preserve them, adapt them to the architecture of the house and your personal needs. First of all, you need to assess the condition of the “wild” elements – it is possible that the trees are accidental and can fall at any time, which is a direct threat to buildings, cars, and most importantly, to human life. In the case of a water body, it is also worth determining the degree of its purification and refinement. This is not as easy as it may seem at first sight.

The fifth reason to turn to the best landscape design company in Toronto: the implementation of a conceptual idea.

In case you want a non-standard site design or implement an experimental idea that you have been nurturing for years, certainly do not rely on their own strength. This will definitely lead to a significant waste of money resources, but only in rare cases will be successful. At the same time, the Toronto Landscape Company will help you realize your vision from both an aesthetic and practical point of view, applying theoretical knowledge and experience to your work.

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