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Natural stone is an original creation of nature. This natural material perfectly complements the landscaping in GTA or even becomes its main motive.

It is impossible to recreate the Japanese, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean style without different specimens and sprinkles of natural stone.

The naturalness of the landscape is gaining recognition, so more and more often in the garden projects of other styles, hard rocks are also used. Their majesty, unique shape, unique texture are emphasized by plants, man-made ponds, placers of sea shells, fine pebbles.

Let’s consider the most common rocks in landscaping. Among the universal, picturesque and popular rocks are: sandstone, quartzite, shale, jasper.

Natural stone sandstone. Landscaping in GTA

A common stone – the savage consists of compressed components with different chemical compositions. It is easy to process and is immune to temperature fluctuations. Variable texture, flat shape, rich color range contribute to the popularity of sandstone in design delights.

The noble white sandstone is designed for fine and complex works. It is made of it:

  • decoration elements
  • garden sculptures
  • cornices, columns

Less durable, easy-to-process layered stone with a yellow hue has a rough surface, is frost-resistant enough and is excellent for exterior decoration. Because of the dark longitudinal stripes on yellow layers, the mineral is called tiger.

Luxurious appearance, competitive price determined the scope of sandstone:

  • low-rise construction
  • decorating garden paths, park areas
  • flower bed framing

Red sandstone – an elite and durable, used for cladding buildings, fences, design of water bodies.

Quartzite in landscaping in GTA

Elite rock based on quartz sandstone has a smooth surface, rich texture, several basic shades.

The advantages of the stone include:

  • environmental cleanliness
  • high refractoriness, frost resistance
  • environmental sustainability
  • insensitivity to harmful microorganisms

Quartzite often used in exterior decoration of buildings. The stone sparkles and shimmers under the sun’s rays. Terraces and garden paths in GTA paved with it allow you to get aesthetic pleasure and feel serene calm. Quartzite a big role in the landscaping in GTA.

Raw materials of grey shade are widely distributed in nature and are easier to process than other types. In the design of homestead lands it is made of it:

  • ladders
  • fountains
  • input groups
  • caves

No less well-known is the white type of quartzite rock. The stone has a heterogeneous texture: small randomly arranged embeddings of other rocks form colorful stripes, sometimes with a yellow hue. Such a natural material is framed:

  • water bodies
  • recreation areas
  • flowerbeds

The most beautiful, expensive and rare subspecies is raspberry quartzite or Shoksha porphyry. Its only deposit is in Russia. The color of the stone varies from pink to deep red. The material is particularly strong, consists only of quartz, and is very difficult to process.

This “eternal stone” is superior to granite and marble in hardness. In the landscaping in GTA appears in the form of statues, decorative columns, flower pans. The small fraction is used for dry streams, mosaic coverings, filling of rockaries.

Slate in landscaping in Bolton

Slate environmentally friendly material in its composition has many minerals that determine its shade and properties.

The most common stones are black and gray; yellow, red, and purple are less common. The most attractive are shales of light tones, which are valued for their shiny surface.

This rock is easily split into thin plates, can be processed and is widely used in decorating private areas. In landscaping in Bolton is found in the form of boulders and slabs.

The stones, which contain mica and quartz, have a granular and flaky structure. Their surface is notable for its glass luster. The crystal type of rock is ideal for paving platforms, paths, stairs: they always stay clean. Dust and dirt leave the surface with the tiniest flakes of mineral.

Typical applications for this material:

  • exterior walls and plinth decoration
  • retaining wall construction
  • cluster planting

The oil slates consisting of clay minerals may be hard, soft or friable. The rock does not soak in water, has a texture of clay. In landscaping in GTA, it is created from it:

  • artificial rocks
  • alpine slides
  • arbours, grottoes

Jasper in landscaping. Lanscaping in Bolton

Durable, durable, opaque semi-precious stone with a magnificent pattern is a fashion trend in garden design in GTA, a chic element. Painted mineral can have a combination of blue, green, white, purple, red in the form of stripes, specks, ribbons.

Decorating the garden in the oriental style, stone crumbs of jasper spill platforms, garden paths, decorate vases. Homogeneous blue mineral is used to decorate ponds and create dry streams. Large and medium size stones act as accent elements in mountaineering. Jasper tile is used to cover the retaining walls and foundations of the house.

Jasper is not afraid of weathering, it is poorly processed, but it retains a shiny polish for a long time and does not change color over time.

Main principles of stones selection for landscaping in Bolton

For the elegant design of the plot of land durable natural materials must know and observe some nuances:

  • go with the same breed
  • prioritize unprocessed copies
  • coordinate plot size and stone size
  • keep in mind the conciseness and aesthetics

Decoration of the territory, fence elements, exterior of the residential building must be made of the same rock materials. The fragments formed in natural conditions look like the effect of manually worked stones.

When decorating large areas, preference is given to large stones. Modest areas and small thematic corners are filled with smaller pieces. Surpluses and oversaturation with design elements will make the homestead space depressing.

The stones connect the objects of the garden, provide transitions between them, emphasize the elements of the author’s composition. In landscaping in Bolton any rock finds application, but the specific purpose in the concept of the garden determine the shape, size, mineral composition.

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