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Outdoor Kitchens - great option to build for the summer! Our team will gladly help you make a quality outdoor kitchen, because we specialize in it! Give us a call!

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Outdoor Kitchens in Ontario

Simple frame construction without insulation, often without walls (fully/partially) or even a roof. Essentially, an outdoor kitchens is a canopy or gazebo with a barbecue/oven and dining area which can only be used in summer. It is good in that it is comfortable to cook and eat and communicate with guests on weathery summer days. An outdoor kitchens  is easier, faster and more economical to build than a closed one. In winter, a summer building with a canopy can be used as a storage area for the farm. The drawbacks of an outdoor kitchen are the limited lifespan of the building and the lack of protection for furniture, appliances and kitchen residents from insects, rain, wind and sun.  In winter, all furniture and equipment will have to be cleaned in a dry room.

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5.0 rating

One review for Outdoor Kitchens

5.0 rating
   Stacie H.   
2020 June 2

Alex came out and met with us to go over our idea for a bbq island and measure. He answered so many questions and has great input. He even helped us to consider potential future developments in what we envisioned. He was quick to respond to calls and quickly provided a visual design after our meeting. Even in the finalizing process he made changes and accommodations for us. Installation was flawless and I’m so happy with our new outdoor BBQ island!

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