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Patio Steps are an important part of every building, do not forget it! Addressing to our company you get an excellent steps at a very attractive price!

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Patio Steps in Ontario

The stairs to the patio are made of :

– concrete, brick, if the house is built or finished with the same material. Appropriate additives in the raw materials give the material frost resistance, resistance to high humidity, rotting. Concrete and brick structures are made of: concrete, brick, tile, stone or wood in various shapes and sizes. They do not crumble, do not wobble, do not deform, are not wiped from mechanical loads, do not burn. The use of fittings increases the strength index by 3-4 times. The only drawback is the calculation of load, long-term work: formwork, casting the foundation, laying. If you have no experience in construction, we do not recommend you to make a concrete ladder yourself – it is better to contact a specialist. To build a patio steps of concrete will help our company!

– metal – you can build from improvised materials – pipes, profiles, corners, order a welded or prefabricated structure. Metal entrance staircase to the house is well combined with walls made of wood, stone, concrete. No capital foundation is needed for its construction. The steel base does not sag, does not deform. When covered with an anti-corrosion primer, it will not rust. Finished parts and elements are assembled very quickly – in 2-4 days. Steps and frame can be painted in any color, make them forged or sewn with tiles, stone, terrace board. When building metal patio steps, you need to consider important points. Read more about this type of building;

– wood – lumber is affected by environmental conditions, such as reduced humidity, temperature changes cause cracking, deformation of the base. Therefore it is better not to make completely wooden patio steps in the street even in houses made of timber. Manufacturers let out modular metal frameworks, wooden steps, protections from which independently collect marches of any form and design.

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5.0 rating

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5.0 rating
2020 June 11

When we decided to upgrade our dated townhouse back patio we found the stone we wanted and then started to search for a contractor to do the work for us. After serveral broken commitments and no-shows, we were fortunate to find Captain Handy. Alex was the only contractor to respond without having to being asked more than once or chased for an answer. We figured because we were a “small” job, we would be at the bottom of the list as far as priorities. That was not the case with Captain Handy. They came when they said they would, stayed until the job was finished (a bit earlier than estimated) and did great work. The team was friendly and did a great cleanup. Would highly recommend Alex and the team and will definitely be using them again with a couple of other projects we have in mind.

5.0 rating
2020 November 19

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