Backyard patio in North York


And, of course, we want this place for communication of friends and relatives to be easy to use, comfortable and safe. Let’s consider the main recommendations for the arrangement of such places of rest, also called backyard patio in North York.

Perhaps there is not a single owner of a cottage or country house, who would not like to have a cozy corner of the rest, where the family and friends could gather or just friends. Communicating by the fire while cooking kebabs or other dishes together always creates its own unique atmosphere, which you will not find anywhere else.

Recommendations backyard patio in Aurora

If in the past, at the stage of arrangement of the summer house plot or construction of the house, it was enough to find somewhere in the backyard free ground to put a barbecue or to lay a fire, over time, the approach to the question of organizing a place for a pleasant pastime significantly changes. Order a backyard patio in Aurora.

So, what should be considered and taken into account:

  • To keep the smoke from the barbecue, stove or barbecue out of the living area, you should study the wind direction specific to your area and take it into account when choosing a site;
  • there must be no flammable materials or branches of trees or bushes in the area where the barbecue (oven, barbecue) is located;
  • if a backyard patio in Aurora is planned to be located at the border with a neighbouring plot, you should coordinate with your neighbours to avoid possible conflicts;
  • the rest area should have convenient access routes (preferably paved paths that will make it suitable for all weather conditions);
  • provision must be made for the supply of engineering networks – electricity and water. The former will be needed to provide lighting in the dark and water for cooking and washing dirty dishes;
  • it is desirable to divide the place of rest into certain zones: for grill or barbecue, for cooking, storage and washing of dishes, for rest.

Advantages and disadvantages of a backyard patio in Toronto

Each of these decisions has its pros and cons. Let’s look at the advantages of the backyard patio in Toronto:

  • The absence of any walls and roof gives a unique unity with the surrounding nature, allows you to fully enjoy the fresh air;
  • there’s no need for a chimney. A movable barbecue or barbecue can be installed anywhere;
  • it’s cheaper to set up a patio in Toronto backyard than building a capital pergola or pavilion. This way, money is saved.

Perhaps this is where the benefits of a backyard patio in Toronto come to an end. Now let us pay attention to the disadvantages:

  • on a hot summer day, the absence of any roof over your head causes certain inconveniences: danger of overheating, sunstroke or burns;
  • in rainy weather, the outdoor backyard patio in Toronto becomes almost unsuitable for recreation;
  • in strong winds, being on an unprotected site makes your rest uncomfortable;
  • it’s impossible to hide from a curious eye;
  • it is difficult to provide protection from mosquitoes and other insects;
  • the open barbecue area can only be used in warm seasons.

What to pay attention to when building a backyard patio in Richmond hill

First of all, of course, it’s compliance with safety regulations. That’s why:

  • if the backyard patio in Richmond Hill is made of wood, special woodworking with flame retardants is mandatory;
  • there must be no flammable materials in brick or stone pergolas near the grill (stove, fireplace);
  • the chimney shall provide reliable smoke removal in all modes of operation;
  • if electricity (lighting) is supplied to a backyard patio in Richmond Hill, all electrical safety regulations must be followed.

If a year-round operation for a backyard patio:

Of course, any rest must be comfortable. And the backyard patio in Toronto should provide it. So if year-round operation is envisaged, it’s necessary:

  • to install good heat-saving glazing and doors to prevent drafts and freezing;
  • the walls and roof must provide reliable protection against frost;

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