Paving Repair

The paving repair is a job that must be done by real professionals. Captain Handy - a team with extensive experience in paving will help you make great tiles!

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Paving Repair

Paving tiles are used almost everywhere. Beautiful modern material attracts attention with its excellent characteristics and is valued for its durability and strength. But even a high-quality tile coating will eventually become unusable and need repair.

In what cases do you need to paving repair, and where to start?

Repair or replacement of paving tiles is necessary if:

  • there are chips and cracks on the product;
  • some areas fall into the ground;
  • individual tiles have loosened up and are “playing” underfoot;
  • puddles remain on the surface after rain;
  • the geometry of the joints is broken;
  • marked signs of wear and tear.

Unfavourable factors may be the cause of pavement tile defects:

  • sharp temperature fluctuations;
  • aggressive atmospheric effects in the form of precipitation, etc.;
  • failure to comply with the production technology;
  • improper laying and operation of the coating.

Depending on the amount and complexity of damage, paving repair can be current or major, with partial replacement of elements or with a complete replacement of the coating. In some cases, the entire sand and gravel substrate has to be renewed. Sometimes, some people go to replace the pavement solely because they want to be new.

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