Power is an excellent service from Captain Handy, which will help to make your site much more beautiful. Give your site an exclusive view with us!

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Granite Paving

Granite paving is one of the most popular finishes for pedestrian zones in the city and private houses. Paving of platforms, parking lots, squares around the house is also done with granite.

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Outdoor Paving

Outdoor paving will give your site a great look that will delight you every day! Give a presentable look to your yard!

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Paving Installation

Paving Installation is a great service that will make your yard unrecognizable! Excellent price and quality of our work has been pleasing for quite a long time. With us, even the worst yard turn into a corner of happiness!

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Asphalt Paving

Paving asphalt on your property is a great way to enrich your site. Asphalt paving will add quality and beauty to your site! Excellent prices and quality will help you make your choice right!

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Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are a great way to make your yard, terrace or balcony more beautiful and practical. It is much nicer to walk on quality tiles than on rough concrete. Free consultation – call!

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Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are suitable for any type of site. A huge range of opportunities to create a variety of concrete buildings! From tiles to columns! Free consultation.

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Paving Repair

The paving repair is a job that must be done by real professionals. Captain Handy – a team with extensive experience in paving will help you make great tiles!

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