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The pergola covers is undoubtedly an important part of any construction of such a plan. Our company does everything for the best price in Ontario. Call us and we will give you a free consultation!

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Pergola Covers in Ontario

The pergola covers may be in the form of light arches on which the plants will hang, but of course, for our region will be much more practical pergolas covers. After all, it will be unpleasant to run home and quickly clean up dishes and things when another downpour begins. The roof will protect us from frequent rains and downpours, as well as give us shade on hot sunny days.  Pergola will also protect you from the wind if you place it correctly on the plot. In short, the roof protects us from the weather and will extend our time spent outdoors.

What materials can we use for the pergola roof? They are primarily tiles, polycarbonate and metal profiles.

Shingles have many shapes and colours, there is fine sand on the surface. Type of shingles is always chosen according to the style of the house (facade, color and shades of the roof, windows, doors). Shingles have excellent insulating qualities.

The most popular material for pergolas, verandas, winter gardens and other landscaped buildings, it is perhaps transparent polycarbonate. All types of polycarbonate differ only in thickness (6, 8, 10 mm), as well as the way of placement of hollow departments. Unfortunately, this material is not very suitable for miniature structures. The material is very light and unbreakable. Still, it is necessary to think over whether to choose this material, as it can not withstand large snowdrifts in winter. Call us and read our blog!

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5.0 rating

One review for Pergola Covers

5.0 rating
   Brett Berson   
2020 June 2

Alex and one of his teams built a new pergola for me and I am impressed by the quality and speed. They did everything from the eath preparation to the finishing trim work. The pergola is solid as a stone mountain and looks great. They finished it in 3 days and it awesome. I also received some discount as for first order from them. Definitely, recommend them and will come back again on future projects.

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