Porches is a great addition to the house! Building a porches will make your home much more beautiful and practical.

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Building a porches is the ideal way to extend the useful space of a country house. If you need an extra area to relax in the summer or if you like to set the table outdoors, the veranda attached to the house will solve these issues quickly and not too expensive. Porches are no longer a rarity and have become a kind of symbol of comfortable rest and relaxation.

Building porches in Toronto

The big plus is that the porches in Toronto can be built into a house project from the very beginning, or can be started anytime after the main construction has been completed long ago. Our clients often turn to us with the desire to add a porches or terrace to their houses, which are more than 10-15 years old. And this desire is understandable. After all, it is necessary to spend much more money, time and effort to build a new house. And to attach a porches to the house it is possible for not so big sum. Construction of a porches or terrace with a pile foundation or strip foundation will take about two to three weeks.

Building a porches: how to choose the material?

Porches attached to the house can have different functional load: someone arranges a summer kitchen or dining room on it, someone – a second living room with upholstered furniture, someone uses it as a winter garden. Based on the customer’s needs, the material is selected for construction and finishing of the room. It is erroneous to believe that the porches for the cottage must be made of the same material as the house itself.  The house, covered with siding, will decorate the glass terrace with elements of metal and plastic. Summer porches must first of all harmonize with the house in style, then the difference in materials will not be striking, and look clumsily.

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5.0 rating
   Jon M.   
2020 June 1

We were happy with the job done and the process was painless. You can’t ask for more! Great communication throughout. I would highly recommend.

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