Sandstone Walls

Sandstone walls are a good option because such a sandstone wall has many advantages! Call us and make the best landscaping for your home!

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Sandstone is an excellent building material. It is a natural stone with a natural origin. Sandstone belongs to sedimentary rocks. It is composed mainly of quartz and calcite. Due to its structure, special properties and composition it finds its application in many industries. Sandstone walls – very high quality work from our company!

Sandstone Walls in Ontario

Sandstone is used for cladding facades of buildings that are already built with another material or need to be reconstructed. Natural decoration will look advantageous and will make the building ecologically clean. This cladding material can be:

  • tile
  • with a patch
  • with a fountain
  • with a sawn stone

The first is a layer or piece of sandstone, sorted out after being removed from the ground according to its size and thickness. It does not require additional processing. The “patchwork” variant is a flat tile, having the same thickness without overhangs. Variant “fountain” – tile with ledges, which does not have parallel flat planes. Sawn sandstone can be processed on one, two or four sides. Whichever option of facing material you choose, you can count on it to look perfect on the facade of the building, give it a sophisticated and individual appearance.

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5.0 rating

One review for Sandstone Walls

5.0 rating
2020 June 8

When I ordered sandstone walls I didn’t know what the effect would be because I have a very bad area. But the guys from the Captain Handy team did really cool! Now the walls of my yard look beautiful and quality. Thank you so much!

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