Building the Front Steps

Building the front steps is a good idea for every house. You just can't do without them. Addressing to our company for the construction of steps you get excellent quality for the best price!

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The building the front steps differ in the method of docking to each other and can be with a rectangular or roller-shaped connection, with a beveled step or without it. They are also classified according to their shape. Depending on the selected design, the steps can be:

  • wedge-shaped;
  • rectangular;
  • triangular;
  • rounded.

Wooden steps in front of the entrance

Such steps look most organic in combination with houses made of bar. Building the wooden steps is a great solution for country houses. The advantages of a wooden porch include:

  • easy assembly and processing;
  • decorative properties of the material;
  • no need to make a reinforced foundation.

Concrete steps in front of the entrance

Stone and concrete are among the most durable materials. Reinforced steps made of concrete, which, in fact, is an artificially made stone, are able to withstand many natural influences, very resistant to abrasion and high loads. Also they are not afraid of a fungus and a mould. Concrete steps in front of the entrance are suitable for private homes in Toronto and Ontario.

How to choose a material for Building the Front Steps

Choosing a staircase for the entrance to the house is much more difficult than the interior staircase. It must have a number of qualities in order to maintain its reliability. Among the main criteria are:

  • durability;
  • resistance to adverse natural conditions;
  • durability.

The most popular materials for the house are stone, concrete, brick and wood. In some cases, wood is used, however, it is the most unreliable staircase material for the entrance.

Pros and cons of wood entrance stairs

The most important disadvantage of wood is its susceptibility to swelling, rotting and love of insects. But the definite advantage is cost-effectiveness and noble appearance. If you decide on this option, then choose the most dense varieties of wood – oak, bamboo, larch.

Installed entrance stairs made of wood in the presence of a high foundation in the house, on piles.

Pros and cons of metal stairs for the entrance

At the mention of cold metal, gloomy, rumbling stairs come to mind. But look at the photos of wrought iron products. They are mesmerizing.

The main advantage of such staircases before its congeners – the possibility of realizing any fantasy. The disadvantages include – hum, from which you can not get rid of and a high price for labor.

Building the Front Steps made of stone

This is the most durable option. Stones are not afraid of frost and heavy rains. They are used to create very noble staircases of marble, granite and even plain brick. Perhaps the only disadvantage of stone stairs for the entrance is the price of quality material.

No less successful option would be a combination of materials. For those who have dreamed all their lives of a beautiful porch will suit a combination of stone steps with an elegant forged railing.

Building the Front Steps in Toronto has a large number of variations and only you decide what material or what shape it will be, we can only guarantee that it will be done qualitatively and quickly!

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One review for Building the Front Steps

5.0 rating
   Building the Front Steps
2020 May 30

Alex and his crew came in May to replace the stone on my porch with new stone put down correctly, the first try at it wasn’t done properly and the cement underneath the stones had disintegrated leaving the stones loose. Him and his team replaced the 20 or so stones with larger stone to the point there are now only 10 stones on top. I would recommend his company, it may take time for him to start but once there they had it done in around 3 days and left the job site very clean.

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