Patio Lighting


Add patio lighting to the yard.

First of all, the patio lighting in the courtyard performs the main tasks – light and atmosphere.

You should have the right light depending on how you use your patio – whether it’s the dining room, picnic area or just a relaxing area. With the right , patio lighting can be turned into a continuation of your living room on long summer evenings.

If your patio has a roof or beams above your head, then start with a simple overhead light. This will give you enough light to use your patio functionally regardless of your needs, and it can be turned off in case of more intimate lighting if desired.

Patio lighting without a roof

In case your patio does not have a roof, then wall lighting will be your best solution. A few good wall lights in the patio doors create a warm and attractive entrance to the house and also provide good lighting for the surrounding area.

If you need a special atmosphere to spend pleasant evenings, try the back and forth lighting in a zigzag pattern on the ceiling. You can also make perimeter walls on both sides.

If there is a tree overhanging the patio area, then you can create a magical effect by tying the LED strip to the lower branches of the tree.

Patio lighting. Garden lanterns

You can also use garden lights by placing them in tubs of large plants with large leaves and stems such as yucca, cordylina or ficus. Place five or six sun lamps in the pot at different angles.

Remember the simple beauty of candles. You can hang them in candlesticks, along walls and fences for a dazzling effect. Be careful not to create too many bright highlights when placing outside lights, and think carefully about what you are going to put on display.

You may not want to illuminate a dirty old barn in a corner at night, so think about the direction of the lights.

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