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The season is about to begin, and we are getting questions about lawns. One of the most popular questions is about the technology of lawn creation, or rather the choice between seeded and rolled lawn. Which to choose and what is the difference?

Purely biologically…

there is no difference. Rolled lawn is the same as a seeded lawn, just that it has grown in the field, under the supervision of experienced agronomists, with constant careful care for at least two years.

Its turf has had time to form, has become resilient and dense. That’s why it can be cut and rolled – you can’t do that with freshly sown turf. “Proper” turf should not be thicker than 2 cm, and it does not crumble even if it is rolled up and unfolded several times.

Rolled lawn or seeded lawn in Ontario.

Grass composition.

Both roll lawn and seed lawn consist of the same grasses: it is bluegrass and fescue. The features of a particular type of lawn are determined by their shares: each of these grasses has its pros and cons, so they try to combine them. Fescue easily tolerates shade, undemanding to care, bluegrass looks great throughout the season, feels good in the heat and in the cold, has a beautiful dark green color, but he has his weaknesses: he is more demanding to care and does not like shade.

For the production of rolled lawn in Toronto use these types of grass. They are durable, slow to develop and give a dense entanglement of rhizomes. The best are considered purely bluegrass lawns, consisting of different varieties of bluegrass, although some landscapers dispute this.

Grass mixtures for seeded lawns usually include, in addition to bluegrass and fescue, some ryegrass. The point is that he germinates very quickly, and so the lawn begins to green up just as quickly. The life span of ryegrass is short, but just in that time the bluegrass has time to get stronger.

Just a matter of time

Rolled lawn is designed specifically for fast landscaping. Rolled lawn is laid on the day of cutting, so your area is literally transformed before your eyes.

Norm of laying for the crew – 5 hectares per day; you can estimate how much time your territory will be covered with a green carpet.

Seeded turf, of course, does not sprout so quickly. It will take 2-3 weeks before the first grass shoots out of the ground. After 3-4 weeks there is already something to look at, but the grass will not be as dense as a roll lawn for a long time: it will be bushy, not everywhere will be even grass stand, there will be a lot of weeds, etc.

Ambiguous benefits. Rolled lawn or seeded lawn

When asked “which lawn is cheaper” at first everyone answers “of course, sowing”. But after the first sowing experience, people’s opinion changes. Why is this so?

Well, it is true that the seed price of sown turf is considerably lower than that of rolled lawn for the same area. But then there are the nuances.

First, under the roll lawn need to put not less than 10cm of fertile soil, and under the seeding – 15-20cm, 1,5-2 times more. And soil costs money. As well as its delivery, as well as work on its distribution, rolling, loosening…

Secondly, the cost of care for rolled lawns is several times lower than for the seeded one. And if the care of rolled lawn is 70% aesthetics issue, it is a problem of survival for sown lawn – without timely mowing, feeding, watering, treatment of weeds, it just simply will die.

As a result, a seed lawn will take at least as much money and at least twice as much effort. There is no guarantee of the result.

Can a seeded lawn achieve the qualities of a rolled lawn?

In principle, yes, you can. But it will take at least 2-3 years of careful, competent care. Watering, feeding, mowing, weed control, combing out, sanding, aeration – these words will enter your vocabulary, if you decide to take such serious care of your lawn. It takes a lot of effort, time and money.

For a start, it’s the weeds – and not the grass – that get in first, and very actively. And fighting the weeds will require money and effort. And this is only the first part of the problem.

And there are also typical diseases of lawn grass … In the fields, they are struggling with professional agronomists, and ready rolled lawn is much less susceptible to disease than the seeded one – because in the first case, we have an established ecosystem, and in the second, it is only forming.

So the answer is yes, you can make a lawn that is as good as a rolled one. But it will take 2-3 years of serious work and considerable expense. But it is much easier and cheaper to maintain the quality of rolled lawn in Ontario.

Combination of species. Rolled lawn or seeded lawn

There are two basic options to combine the benefits of rolled lawn and sown lawn.

  • First: Rolled lawn is laid in view areas, and seeding is done in background, shaded and not too important areas. All the beauty, of course, is left to the front areas, and the less important spaces simply create a backdrop. Then you can concentrate on maintaining the rolled lawn, and give the seeded areas purely formal attention.
  • Second: lay rolled lawn in Ontario, and repair as needed with seeded lawns. But here it is very important to guess the composition, otherwise the repaired places will differ in color and texture. It is best to use the same seeds that your supplier uses in the fields – then you will have a much better chance of “hitting the color” and texture, and the lawn will remain uniform and uniform in color.

To summarize:

Rolled lawn in Ontario are faster (the area is ready in 1-2 days), more reliable and easier, although more expensive at first.

Sown turf transforms the site much slower (it will take 2-4 weeks instead of 1-2 days), requires serious and competent care. It is cheaper at first, but in the end the difference is not so great.

And the reliable company “Captain Handy” will help to lay rolled lawn. To order roll lawns at a low price simply contact us by phone number in the section “Contacts”.

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