Smart landscaping lighting in Toronto and GTA – the magical twinkling of the garden lighting

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Smart landscaping lighting in Toronto is gradually moving away from purely utilitarian functions and acquires aesthetic shades.

For active leisure in the evening it is not enough to light garden alleys and provide comfortable movement. On the territory of the country house you want to create a unique light scenario that allows you to raise your life tone, change the space, shift accents.

Landscaping lighting in Toronto and GTA is a powerful decorative tool that instantly changes the familiar atmosphere for the celebration of bright colors. Light allows you to create interesting combinations of shadows, unique theatrical effects, pull out of the darkness attractive details of the landscape composition, change the density, depth, texture of the landscape.

Modern systems allow you to control the backlighting of the garden from your cell phone. Managed landscaping lighting in Toronto allows you to create a unique night garden image, the atmosphere of a holiday, family coziness, mystery and minimize the cost of resources.

Optimally selected lighting mode, taking into account the landscape concept will provide a change of light illumination depending on weather conditions, time of day, the mood of the owner.

Landscape lighting in GTA without traditional lighting fixtures

LED materials open up unique opportunities for object illumination:

  • enhance color capabilities
  • do not require solid foundations
  • do without powerful lamps and spotlights
  • save space
  • cut energy costs

LED low-voltage light sources hide in tree crowns, flower beds, fountains, placed on protruding structures of architectural elements.

Innovative types of lighting technology and equipment is rapidly gaining the expanses of Toronto. Various types of devices are used to create artificial lighting.

LED Lamps

The most preferred source of lighting in the country property is characterized by small size, high light output, durability, efficiency, environmental safety. Ultra-white, monochrome, color LED lamps are installed in spotlights to illuminate buildings, in lamps for the design of ponds, sidewalks, used to illuminate the ice, any plants.

Scape Lites

Luminous columns combine functionality and aesthetics and are used to illuminate garden paths (garden lighting in Toronto), playgrounds, illuminate the perimeter of the garden. Decorative poles are connected by special cables, equipped with waterproof transformers, individual platforms with spikes for fixing. The distance between the luminaires can be changed.


Economical, safe, waterproof garlands are hung on trees, cornices of galleries, colonnades, they braid the facades of houses, areas for recreation. Light decoration is associated with many shimmering light stars and looks luxurious in the evening. Colorful caps are attached to the bulbs, which help to make the color scheme more rich and varied.


Bright light cord for local decorative illumination of individual landscape composition elements. It is used to delineate the contours of the building, trees, create inscriptions and intricate patterns. The strong, flexible light cord is easy to use and is not affected by weather conditions.

Strobe lamp

Light source with built-in controller for repeating light flashes. Colorful illumination is used to illuminate the house, patio, accentuate interesting architectural details, finishing features.

The color scheme includes colorless lighting and the most saturated shades of yellow, blue, red. The device has a waterproof, airtight case and works effectively in any weather.

Fantastic night garden. Smart landscaping lighting in Toronto

The process of creating an individual light scenario is complex and time-consuming. To implement the idea, you need to choose the right lighting equipment, properly organize lighting, organically pour the light into the landscape of the estate. The quality level of the end result is determined by the talent, professional training lighting engineer, architect and designer.

In landscape company Captain Handy will satisfy the most incredible aesthetic demands of the client. We will offer several options for revitalizing a night garden, create a fascinating spectacle that will enrich the landscape design and give it new shades. We will create a bright light scenario that will convince you of the real existence of fairy tales. Smart landscaping lighting in GTA – only with us

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