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Planning to repair, you need to know at least approximately when you are going to do the next. If you expect a long time not to raise your eyes up – one option. If in a year or two you want to make repairs to the ceiling – quite another option. Our conversation today is about repairing the ceiling in Toronto. Sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that it is time to change it. That’s when our advice will be useful. The choice is huge, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious only for specialists or sad owners of the wrong type of ceiling. It’s time to reveal professional secrets on this topic as well.

The stages of repairing the ceiling

So, no matter what you are thinking of creating with your ceiling, a number of stages you will have to pass, one way or another.

  1. Preparatory. Generally accepted rule: all repairs are carried out “from top to bottom”. That is, they begin with the ceiling, because the dirtiest type of work is the removal of old plaster. If you are planning a complete repair, then all you need to do at this stage – to take out the furniture and tenants from the house. In the case when therepairing the ceiling is made without updating the other surfaces, the first thing you begin – to take care of the safety of the floor, walls and furniture. Old newspapers, or polyethylene film, and painter’s scotch will be suitable for you. Everything is carefully closed and glued.
  2. The main one (sometimes a draft). It starts with the removal of the old covering, sometimes – to the floor slabs. Finishes with the installation of new, depending on the purpose of repair and features of the room.
  3. Finish. It is made in cases where the rough preparation involves still finishing – painting or wallpapering.

All variants of ceiling design can be divided into several categories:

( Repairing the ceiling of all types can be made by our company quickly and reliably. )

  • plaster ceilings (using dry mixes)
  • false ceilings (plasterboard on metal profile)
  • suspended ceilings (of mineral wool or basalt slabs on a rigid frame, and – slatted)
  • stretch ceilings (fabric with special impregnation or PVC film).

Plaster ceilings in Toronto

Plaster ceilings in Toronto it makes sense to do in cases where the difference in levels is not too great (maximum – up to 2 cm, the house is relatively new – up to 10 years and the height of the ceilings is small – up to 2.70 m. Moreover – for residential premises that do not require special properties – such as increased sound insulation and not burdened with bulky engineering structures such as ventilation, etc.). In addition, there are restrictions on lighting – built-in spotlights are excluded in principle: not every electrician is entrusted with the task of chiselling the stove. The work is done only by specialists (if you want to get perfectly smooth plaster ceilings).

 The work is extremely labor-intensive and therefore not cheap, in addition – very dirty. If you choose this type of ceiling, you save on materials (compared with other types of ceilings), but in addition to the salary plaster, prepare for transportation costs, or rather delivery of materials (bags of 25-30 kg). After your ceiling “pulled” dry mixes, make the finishing putty, and if prepared for painting – and grinding. Then the ceiling is painted or glued with a “horn” often – with subsequent painting.

And if something happens to you with such a ceiling, our company can make you a best repairing the ceiling in North York.

Suspended ceilings made of drywall

Suspended ceilings  in Ontario are usually used in “freshly built” houses, always in luxury and business class finishes, sometimes in economy class. The only limitation is that it is not suitable for rooms with high humidity. Practical sense: quite fast and not particularly dirty finish with excellent results. All bulky engineering structures are easy to disguise (especially if you introduce some original “designer” idea).

The space for creative individuality is unlimited, taking into account the fact that such a ceiling can be given any shape, experiment with levels and color shades, as well as give the room any style accent. There are also unlimited variants of illumination, which by itself can give a super-effective look to the room and the whole apartment. There are two minuses.

 First, the cost of materials for suspended ceilings  – the drywall itself, profiles and fasteners – is more expensive than for the ceiling made of dry mixes (by an order of magnitude). Secondly, if the height of your ceilings is at a critical point of 2.50 – 2.60, you should not use drywall – the ceiling will “lie on your head”. If you really want or need to disguise something – apply this type of finish only locally and think about how to visually “raise” the height with the help of decorative means (color and light). Finish, of course, as in the case of plaster streams – puttying and wallpapering, or painting.

Lining Ceilings in North York

Lining Ceilings – the optimal “business” option (offices, stores, wide profile, public facilities). Quick and accurate installation, low cost of works and materials, ease of operation, replacement and access to engineering structures. Optimal option for sound absorption and thermal insulation. In a word, cheap and angry. Minus – in absolutely straight lines (no frills) and standard sizes of ceiling tiles.

The principle of installation the lining ceilings  – is elementary: a rigid metal structure of standard profiles, assembled on the principle of cells. In the cells are inserted slabs – from mineral wool (absolutely environmentally friendly, not to be confused with the infamous “glass wool”!), basalt and other special materials. For skeptics who believe that the suspended ceilings are only “white rough in black speckle” type “Tatra”. We are pleased to inform you that there are a lot of manufacturers of spectacular suspended ceilings on the Canadian market, producing a lot of other, more interesting options. It’s only a question of price and time to find the right one that suits you personally.

There are a variety of shapes (not only standard 60×60), color scheme, and probably only standard lamps – either raster or mortise dotted. However, special “business” of usual quality made these ceilings so beloved by entrepreneurs and business people. It makes no sense to use them in living quarters – they look very strict.

But if there is no desire to remove the old coating, the stretch ceilings are not enough, and to apply drywall is not possible, there is a way out. This is a type of suspended ceilings – slatted: plastic or metal. Usually used in common areas: bathrooms, kitchens, hallways. Installation is as simple: the frame plus laths, which are connected to each other. If you have an elementary ability to handle a drill and a hacksaw – you can try to make such ceilings by your own efforts, spending only on materials. But such ceilings are elementary in operation and do not lose their appearance over the years (unless they – not white).

Stretch ceilings in North York

In conclusion, the most expensive option – stretch ceilings. Optimal in cases where you have a strong height difference in level, extremely short time to repair. Of course, if you have solid finances. The algorithm of actions is simple: you call to the company offering this type of service, you are visited by metering agents, then together with the manager in the office of the company you choose the appropriate option. It takes a few days (sometimes up to a month), and in your apartment there are installers, who “collect” the ceiling within 1 working day.

If, God forbid, something happened to the ceiling from above, do not worry: your exclusive repair will remain intact. And the repair of stretch ceilings is not labor-intensive and very fast. Stretch ceilings can withstand the load of about 100 liters of water per 1 sq.m. Call the supplier company, the same installers will come and easily pump out the water with special tools.

 The actual stretch ceiling consists of a special ceiling skirting board, to which is attached a cloth of polyvinyl chloride or polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. By the way, the last view must be painted only after installation. Depending on your preferences, height and purpose of the room, as well as – the size of the wallet, you can choose a matte or glossy, satin or metallic, smooth or perforated, in any style and any shade.

So, in this article was presented several options for repairing the ceiling, but this is not all options that can offer our company “Captain Handy”, you only need to leave a request and we will help you make a fast and high-quality ceiling repair in particular and popcorn ceiling repair. The materials for the ceiling – enough for a reasonable choice. They differ in appearance, properties and price categories. It is easy to create a “personal sky above your head”. And let it always be light, and there will never be clouds.

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