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Various types of lawns are used in landscape design in Vaughan homesteads. With their help, you can create interesting compositions using ornamental plants.

The lawn of lawn grass looks beautiful and aesthetic.It will perfectly fit in the decoration of a private house. Correct location of the lawn will emphasize the originality of landscape design of the site in Uxbridge.  They can be a perfect background for placing various flowerbeds, sculptural compositions, fountains or ponds.

The use of lawns on the site is not only aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the grass evaporates moisture, creating an acceptable level of air humidity. Also note that it is a reliable protection against the penetration of weeds on the territory of the household plot. Grass also serves as a kind of organic filter, protecting the soil from the penetration of harmful substances.

Several types of lawn coverings are used in landscape design of the territory. Each of them has its own features and differences.

Types of lawns. Landscape design in Uxbridge

Different types of landscaping are used in landscape design of the territory. Each of them has its own features. There are the following types of lawns:

  • parterre;
  • ordinary;
  • non herbal;
  • meadow;
  • sporting;
  • moorish.

Parterre lawns in Vaughan

This is the most spectacular and beautiful of all kinds of herbal coverings. The parterre lawn in Vaughan is elite. They try to place it in the most prominent place of the site. This lawn can also be additionally decorated with various bushes and various decorative elements, such as clubs.

Formation of such a lawn requires high-quality soil treatment. Usually an additional layer of black soil is added to it. The composition is a mixture of herbs from crops that require special care. It is also characterized by a quick ability to recover from mowing, drought tolerance and winter resistance.

Designers’ advice states that lawns in Uxbridge are best decorated with architectural structures. For example, such lawns can be placed near fountains, sculptures or artificial ponds. They can be placed as part of a flower bed. However, you should remember that the area of flower arrangements should be no less than the grass.

Ordinary lawn in Uxbridge

Ordinary lawn in Uxbridge are a coarser version of parterre. They do not have the same beauty, but otherwise have similar features. Besides, unlike parterre lawns, they can be used for recreation by the whole family. Its herbal composition is coarser and more resistant to physical influences. It contains such plants as awnless bromegrass, granary, wheatgrass and others.

The non-grass lawn in Vaughan is made not only of herbs. It also contains wild flowers such as camomiles, clover and others. The main advantage of an untidy lawn is its picturesque flowering period, as well as the presence of scents. Its surface does not need to be trimmed frequently. Due to the presence of different plants in its composition, it still will not be perfectly flat. Its main disadvantage is the need for constant weeding, and removal of weeds.

Park and meadow lawn in Vaughan

For sowing such a lawn use perennial grass tissue of different types. The most popular is meadow lawn in Vaughan, the composition of which contains a mixture of comb, fescue, buckwheat and thymophila.

Such meadows are perfectly suited for park zone design. It is important for them to find a good place. On the main front zone of the site is not quite appropriate to place it. You should also remember that in the shade of the trees, the grasses will not get the necessary amount of sunlight for their growth. These properties must be considered when choosing a place.

Park lawn is similar to meadow. But it has some differences. It is used for sowing large areas, and is characterized by the presence of plants that can withstand sharp changes in weather conditions and drought.

Sports lawn

It represents one of the varieties of meadow lawns. A sports lawn consists of grasses that are resistant to physical damage. Such lawns are formed either by sowing or by laying a roll of grass.

On such grass cover organize competitions and games. Note also that at the initial stage of creating such sites must be provided drainage layer. This is necessary in order to form a waterproof grass canvas.

There are lawns for playing soccer, tennis and golf. All of them have some differences due to the specifics of the competitions held on it.

Mauritian lawn in Uxbridge

It is used quite rarely. Such lawns have another name – flowering lawns. Their main difference is that they bloom and delight with fragrances and beauty throughout the summer. For the formation of such mauritian lawn in Uxbridge use a mixture of thin-stemmed herbs, which are mixed with annual plants.

On such a lawn in the form of a background are low herbs. Among them: peppermint meadow, bent and ryegrass pasture. Also add Chinese cloves, memories, clarks, etc. to the composition. Such lawns require good care and systematic cutting.

If you want to create a beautiful landscaping area around your home or summer cottage, it is better to use the services of professionals from the company Captain Handy. This task alone will be much more difficult to accomplish. Especially if you want the result of your work to be similar in beauty to the examples depicted in the photo, illustrating this article.

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