Wall construction in Toronto


One of the oldest ways to erect buildings is to use bricks and erect walls of various variations. This material is quite strong and is actively used in modern construction . Wall construction in Toronto from bricks is the assembly of walls with the laying of artificial stone in a certain order.

Advantages and disadvantages of wall construction in Toronto

The quality of the building and the entire structure made of bricks has several advantages:

  • The walls are highly resistant to open flames;
  • earthquake resistance;
  • long operation and service life;
  • modern appearance;
  • resistance to chemical compounds;
  • good thermal insulation properties.

If to speak about lacks, it is necessary to notice that the building from a brick is erected only of certain number of storeys, in view of small durability of a material at compression.

Wall construction. Which brick is better to choose

For a successful brick selection, it is important to consider the climatic conditions of your area and the building’s operational objectives. For example, sand-lime bricks should not be used in high humidity. If severe frost prevails in your area in winter, bricks should meet such properties as high frost resistance.

When purchasing a brick, pay attention to its appearance and defects. The surface of the stone should not have any gaps. Red ceramic stones are used for a strong and durable residential building.

They differ in appearance: hollow and full body. For construction of a chimney it is necessary to use refractory blocks. When using hyper-pressed bricks, the buildings are obtained particularly high quality and durable. These types of bricks differ not only in their properties, but also in their cost. Toronto wall construction!

Features of wall masonry technology

In order for the building to meet all technical requirements and characteristics, the peculiarities of brick wall construction technology must be adhered to.

Toronto wall construction in the basement requires the use of heavy concrete of the highest strength grade. Such a mixture is practically impervious to steam and moisture. For this reason, the basement will not suffer from dampness.

In addition to the material used, it is important to follow the correct masonry technique. There are many such techniques, and each of them is used for its intended purpose. For great strength use masonry wall masonry in 2 bricks. For quality construction, do not forget about the necessary construction tools.

Where to start bricklaying in Toronto

Wall construction in Toronto begin when the foundation and plinth are erected. If the basement was built of bricks, the brick walls can be raised from it. Before laying the first bricks, the surface should be leveled with a special solution.

If the basement protrudes around the perimeter of the building, the galvanized sheets should be laid, which represent a drain. The upper part should be laid with bricks. When erecting walls to increase the strength of the masonry walls are made with dressing joints.

In this case, not only whole bricks are used, but also pieces. Fittings can be used to improve the bearing properties of the wall. The laying of supporting walls made of bricks requires special care.

Types of brickwork in Toronto

In order to prevent the formation of through vertical seams and to obtain a solid masonry from bricks, it is important to observe the dressing order. A wide variety of brickwork in Toronto masonry is successfully used in construction.

Ligation and names of rows

Despite the fact that the brick wall is composed of separate elements, it should serve as a monolithic wall. To achieve this effect, the seams are removed at an offset. This technique is called a bandage.

The most common schemes for laying bricks are chain and multi-row. The strength characteristics of these options are approximately the same. If the strength needs to be increased, a reinforcement mesh can be laid every 5 rows.

Single row dressing

In this type of masonry dressing between the bricks occurs in each row. On the front side of the wall in this type of laying material rows of stamen alternate with rows of spoons, which in turn begin with three-quarter bricks. In this variant of masonry three-quarter bricks should be more. The qualification of the bricklayer must be sufficiently high.

Brickwork in Toronto

In order to lay out correct and smooth walls from bricks, it is necessary to follow some rules. First, make sure that the first row is laid out as evenly as possible. The bricks should not be stacked tightly against each other, it is better to leave a gap of a few mm, so the selected solution will not move the guide.

Check the horizontal masonry level. Always check adjacent bricks and watch for horizontal and vertical surfaces simultaneously.

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