Construction of fences


Installing a fence in Toronto – the best way to enclose a private space, to protect your territory from unauthorized intrusion by unauthorized persons. Construction of this construction has some features, but it is not particularly difficult, if you have the necessary tools and small skills, you can cope on your own.

Overview of the most popular types of fence and stages of their construction

The erection of fences requires an initial determination of what purpose it will be carried out for. When a person has a desire to fence off from the outside world, the ideal solution is to create a concrete or brick frame of personal space. Planks of sufficient height, or profiled sheet metal will be suitable. To establish a clear delimitation of the territory, it makes sense to use a mesh-fence, as well as to organize and grow a hedge.

    It is important to remember that the fence is not only a means of protecting personal territory from unlawful intrusion by third parties, but also a full-fledged architectural unit of the plot. Therefore, it should be not only reliable, but also beautiful.

Wooden fence in Toronto

Wooden fence, assembled from wood, have one important advantage over other types of raw materials, they have an affordable cost. Everyone can buy a certain amount of edged boards, process them independently and put together a structure according to the available parameters.

When a person does not want to engage in independent woodworking, he can buy ready-made structures, which will remain only to install the right way on the land. It is worth noting that the cost of edged raw materials will be about three times cheaper than the cost of the finished structure.

    Important! We should not forget about the main disadvantage of this type of material – the relative fragility of wood, as well as the need for periodic staining, repair, treatment with pest protection agents.

Brick fence in Ontario

Fences can be erected from bricks. They are distinguished by their strength and durability. Proper quality of raw materials, proper construction process, carried out in compliance with the necessary standards, allows the exploitation of the structure for more than fifty years.

    Important! Brick fence will look solid, aesthetic, and it does not require special care.

Among the disadvantages are the high cost of materials, as well as the need to pre-pour a solid foundation, which will necessarily entail additional costs.

Fences made of profiled sheeting

Fence made of corrugated board has a number of advantages:

  • affordability;
  • the variety of colors and textures;
  • ease of installation work;
  • no need to fill the foundation;
  • relatively low cost;
  • longevity of operation (at least thirty years).

The only disadvantage is not the most attractive appearance. However, it is easily solved by creating a combination with brick.

Fences made of concrete slabs

Construction of concrete fences is characterized by high strength indicators. Such a fence can last up to 5 times longer than its brick counterpart. The service life of concrete construction can last up to a hundred years.

Such a structure does not require the implementation of regular maintenance. In addition, the variety of models allows you to create the right architectural units for every style.

The only problem that consumers may have is the difficulty during the erection of the structure. Most often, it requires the use of special construction equipment.

How to choose a quality fence tips and nuances

High-quality fence requires increased attention to the selection of its constituent parts. To choose a suitable raw material, it is necessary to specify a number of parameters, characteristics:

  • the location of the object of construction (a busy area or a quiet area);
  • the individual parameters of the object (fencing of private estates, vegetable garden, other structures);
  • external features (site, the timing of the work, the presence or absence of a busy traffic);
  • peculiarities of the planned works (reconstruction, restoration, overhaul, new construction);
  • creation of estimates and its parameters.

Most often, consumers choose the blind construction, erected with profiled sheet. Design meets the high requirements for wind loads, it can be further weighted with concrete or polyvinyl chloride blocks, to secure the pins from the fittings. When the building is close to the utilities, the construction is carried out with the preliminary installation of foundation blocks.

Fence project and preparation for construction

Construction of fence requires careful preliminary preparation. Any mistakes should be avoided so as not to get unplanned monetary expenses, as well as a waste of time.

For the prompt erection of the fence, it is necessary to clarify some points:

  • The type and required characteristics of the raw materials used;
  • to develop a project;
  • to carry out the calculation of the required amount of materials;
  • prepare the necessary tools, auxiliary materials;
  • Mark out the area (specifying the location of the gate, entry group, the presence of slope of the terrain).

    Important! When the main raw materials will be purchased and delivered to the place of construction work, you need to stack it, cover it with a protective sheet, so that rain and other precipitation does not affect its quality.

If you decide to build the structure of the metal profile, it is important to choose a material that is suitable in quality and cost. To choose the right type of raw material, it is necessary to specify a number of characteristics:

  • the approximate period during which the structure will be in use;
  • what will be the priority, appearance or operational requirements;
  • design features;
  • the ability to replace individual components

The size of the profiled sheet for the fence must be selected, based on some key indicators:

  • grade of raw materials;
  • steel thickness;
  • quality of galvanized base;
  • type of polymer coating;
  • sheet size;
  • profile parameters;
  • quality-price ratio;
  • durability;
  • aesthetic appearance.

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