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Decks steps is a very important part of any building for your home. Build high quality decks steps you will help our company Captain Handy!

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The decks can be raised above the ground high enough. This requires a quality staircase. After all, in the case of non-compliance with certain technological subtleties or the use of poor quality materials in the operation of such a construction is highly likely to create an injury situation. To make the decks steps as reliable and durable as possible, certain requirements must be met, as well as the right tools and installation. Photos of the decks steps can be seen in our gallery!

Arrangement of a staircase march. Decks steps

There are many different types of stairways. All of them differ not only in size, but also in design. Street stairs designed for decks or porches are usually made of several elements.  What are the steps and railing, everyone knows, but not many people know about the structure of the supporting part. The basis which is carried out at the heart of a decks steps, is a stringer or a bowstring.

The cost of steps

Calculation of the cost of the decks steps is formed of several components.
The main ones are:

  • The geometry of the staircases (type of staircase)
  • Used material (wood, metal, glass, etc.)
  • Complexity of the forms of accessories (steps, balusters, columns, etc.)
  • staircase march design
  • assembly and installation features
  • way of fastening at the object

Are also important in pricing the thickness and section of the used components: steps, bowstrings, poles, handrails, balusters and so on.
When selecting decks steps for the house, you are faced with a large number of proposals of different versions of wooden stairs or combined staircases, which are used accessories made of wood.

Some preferences are “final and irrevocable” and determine the main features of your staircase. Will the steps be wooden or concrete (monolithic staircase), forged or will contain elements of glass and stainless steel, etc. Determined by basic parameters, you begin to think through all the details, often guided by the budget, ie, the amount you are willing to spend on your decks steps.

If your choice fell on a wooden decks steps, we recommend that you pay attention to the stairs with the use of oak deck. This is a long-known technology that allows you to get a beautiful and decent product at a more affordable price. The bottom line is that the main material used for the manufacture of stairs legs and steps of this type is plywood, which is finished with solid oak.

In the manufacture of steps – it is the deck, 4-5 mm thick at the top and, if necessary, from the bottom and a slat 20-25 mm on the front side. Branches or struts are finished with ~ 0.6 mm thick veneer.

Stairs of this type win in several ways – price, durability and even appearance.

Durability is determined by the properties of plywood, which does not have some of the problematic properties of wood. In addition, the steps and struts are made more massive compared to the standard oak staircase solutions.Typically, the steps and struts are made 40mm thick.

This gives the product a more solid look and reduces the deflection of the steps that occurs when moving up the stairs. The use of the deck and veneer allows you to get a nice wood grain pattern as the lamellas starting from 80mm wide are used.

The result is a beautiful, externally absolutely oak staircase, with a beautiful texture pattern on the steps and treads.

All other elements: balusters, polished posts and trim are made of solid oak, or any other noble wood that you decide to use for the manufacture of your decks steps in Ontario.

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5.0 rating

One review for Decks steps

5.0 rating
   Aaron Wilcox   
2020 May 29

We hired Alex to demolish a mudroom at the back of our house and replace it with nice looking deck. Also we decided to install a wooden fence around. Few days later as agreed Alex’s team has come and they handled everything from demolition, to building our new deck and fence. We were very pleased with the result. We highly recommend Captain Handy for great workmanship and professional skills in every action.

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