Prestige Landscaping


Creating coziness and beauty on the property is impossible without prestige landscaping. A sense of satisfaction and peace, which every person aspires to, can give a competently arranged territory. Having plants on the site it is necessary to be guided by certain laws, and even when the territory is instant landscaping in the landscape (natural) style, everything must be clearly thought out.

All plants must be in harmony with each otherPrestige landscaping does not only mean arranging a garden once, but also the need for regular additional care work.

Instant landscaping or different layouts.

There are three main types of layout: regular, landscape (natural), combined. Their features:

  • Regular style – symmetrical arrangement, geometric shapes, plants are carefully trimmed
  • Landscape style – freely grouped plants, irregular shapes, natural appearance is preserved
  • Combined style – combines geometric and landscape forms

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At the initial stage, during the planning process, it is necessary to identify the center of the composition (the main buildings or the reservoir), as well as the main and secondary directions. The term “composition” is translated as a connection, in instant landscaping it means joining certain parts into a single ensemble, which will help create a unique image of your garden. The art of landscape gardening uses such means of composition as scale, symmetry, asymmetry, contrast, a certain rhythm and others.

Landscaping company “Captain Handy”. Landscaping prices

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The landscaping of the manor area is the final stage of landscape formation. With the right plant selection and compliance with certain rules, landscaping will look like a single ensemble, which will help to turn your garden into a cozy oasis, saturated with fresh air and has a comfortable rest. It is quite difficult to do it yourself without the help of specialists, as you need to have some knowledge. Our specialists have been involved in landscape design for many years in Ontario, Aurora, Mississauga, Toronto and throughout Canada.

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The subtleties of landscaping near me.

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To landscaping near me , they are planted in rows or groups. Alleys can consist of trees with pyramidal crowns as well as trees with wide crowns. In group plantings such signs as decorative (in form and color), structural (in density), voluminous (large, medium or small), and also the dendrological sign (plants of one or different species) are necessarily taken into account. At designing of a composition it is necessary to consider height of plants and to create tiers that will help to harmonize to plants on a background of each other.

Accentuated plants

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For the first few years, the emphasis is placed on the beauty and decorative qualities of lawns and flowerbeds. First of all, beautiful flowering or evergreen ornamental shrubs and perennial flowers are used to create decorative compositions. Since the shrubs are more colorful and picturesque than trees, take up less space, are more convenient to care for, are more resistant to adverse environmental factors and start to bloom faster. Perennials flowers have a longer flowering period, are more economical to multiply and plant, in contrast to annuals. If you use different perennial flowers and beautiful flowering shrubs, you can create continuous flowering flower beds – mixborders.

Selection of flowering plants for prestige landscaping near me!

Flowering plants should be selected so that the flowering rhythm of the individual species matches and so that they are compatible with each other. Plants that bloom early and quickly lose their ornamentality should be planted further away from the edge and closer to the shrubs.

Landscaping near me is a great way to make your yard much more beautiful than it used to be!

Higher and brighter plants are planted in the centre of the bed.

The basic rules of prestige landscaping near me.

Some rules of prestige landscaping near me.

  • 1. The location of all buildings is taken into account during the landscaping design of the site. It is necessary to determine the choice of plants to be planted in a particular part of your plot.
  • 2. One of the important processes is to prepare the soil for planting landscaping near me. You need to level out the topography (if necessary) and fertilize the land with organic and mineral fertilizers in advance.
  • 3. Prepare and lay drainage ditches, and most importantly to think about the water supply system of the site.
  • 4. It is also necessary to take into account the degree of illumination of each plot of land, which are going to landscaping near me and the temperature regime of the region. Some plants grow better in the sun, others like shade (penumbra).
  • 5. It is necessary to think out in advance which territory to allocate to the lawn and where they will need to fill the space between trees and shrubs.
  • 6. It is recommended to plant evergreens on the site, which beautifully decorate the landscape at any time of year.
  • 7. It is necessary to adhere to a uniform style when decorating flowerbeds, flower arrangements and other elements of landscaping near me, which will help to achieve harmony.

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