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The mere thought of repair of a house in Toronto terrifies apartment owners because of the complexity, labor intensiveness and cost of future work. If you have decided to do the repair yourself, you will find our article useful. It contains information about what types of repairs, their features and sequence, where to start and how to choose the right materials.

Main types of repair work. Repair work in Toronto

Before you start repair of a house in Toronto, you must first study the features of each type of repair work, prepare building materials, make a plan of work.

The sequence of actions during the repair, as well as the cost of works will depend on the area of the territory, the state of the object and the type of repair. It is possible to perform repair work of the entire apartment and its individual rooms. Typically used three main types of repair: renovation with modern materials, capital, which is characterized by labor intensity and the simplest – cosmetic repairs. Let us consider the features of each of them.

The capital repair of a house in Toronto provides for a complete renovation, which includes redevelopment, replacement of communications, all windows and doors, all kinds of coverings. The process is labor-intensive and includes such stages:

  • Preparation of necessary building materials and the room itself. It is necessary to get rid of old electrical networks, remove the interior door structures and windows, remove the floor covering, wallpaper, tiles.
  • Rough Finish – provides replacement of communications, alignment of walls, laying new wiring.
  • The final stage – finishing clean.

Cosmetic repair of a house in Toronto is a type of repair, which includes a set of works related to the replacement of the finishing of the premises to be renovated. There are cases when after removing the coating should do the preparation of walls and ceiling, align them. After removing the flooring can also damage the floor, so additional work can not be avoided. Rough finishing will help to achieve the desired result. This type of repair requires less time for its implementation and is less costly.

VIP-repair of houses in Toronto requires from the performer experience and knowledge of technology, it is distinguished by the high cost of materials. A prerequisite is the use of high quality building materials and a special approach of the designer. Finishing works are carried out according to the requirements of the best standards of repair of a house.

Main accents capital repair of a house in Toronto

Many landlords want to change everything radically, to make a redevelopment, so the capital repair of a house in Toronto is done quite often. It is especially relevant for new buildings, where everything is done from scratch.

Capital repair includes a set of consecutive actions:

  • redevelopment, which includes installation and removal of partitions, changing door openings;
  • laying of necessary communications or their replacement;
  • dismantling and installation of windows and doors;
  • replacement of wiring and bathroom fixtures;
  • plastering;
  • installation of furniture, if necessary;
  • placement of cornices, lighting fixtures, skirting boards, sockets, switches;
  • placement of cornices, lighting fixtures, skirting boards, sockets, switches;

First of all, you need to make a detailed plan and design project, which should take into account the design of the room. An estimate is made, according to which the purchase of materials.

Since the repair process will take more than two weeks, it is recommended to clean the room from all unnecessary things as well as furniture.

How to repair of a house in Toronto, if there is no finish

A large amount of work is expected. The room with no finishing opens up new opportunities for repair due to such features:

  • free layout option;
  • non-plaster walls and ceiling allow for perfect alignment;
  • no screed;
  • electricity is running, but the placement of sockets and switches can be done to your liking;
  • inserted windows made of metal plastic and the front door.

Installation of radiators is provided, as well as risers and bends for water supply.

At first, a number of preparatory works are carried out, after which the finishing works are started.

To prepare the room for the repair of a house in Toronto, it is important to perform such work:

  • make a design project, preferably with visualization;
  • remove all enclosing structures and install them correctly;
  • expand the door openings if necessary;
  • complete replacement of windows and entrance door will help to save money on heating in the future;
  • for all communications it is necessary to prepare openings;
  • complete installation of drainage system, electrical wiring, water supply and ventilation should be carried out taking into account the specifics of the apartment;
  • at the final stage of preparation there is a floor screed and alignment of walls and ceilings.

At this stage, you will have complete freedom of action with regard to the layout, it is a huge advantage for the arrangement of the studio apartment.

Such types of work are performed at the finishing stage:

  • interior doors are installed;
  • sockets and switches are installed;
  • floor, walls and ceiling cladding is performed;
  • casings and skirting boards are installed;
  • lighting is installed.

To take into account all the details, we recommend to make an estimate and visualization of the room design project.

How to repair a house in Toronto, if there is a rough finish

The roughing involves a small budget, as part of the finishing work has already been done, among them:

  •  floor screed;
  • base layer of plaster;
  • installed door at the entrance;
  • plumbing bends are made;
  • installed windows;
  • electrical wiring;
  • necessary communications have been conducted.

Before you start repair of a house in Toronto to make the purchase of the necessary materials, it is better to give preference to more high-quality, modern building materials that will make repairs according to the project. Also, you need to prepare the surface of walls, ceiling and floor before you perform their finishing. Already finished, plastered walls are much easier to process with finishing putty than to do everything from scratch. Wiring also does not need to be done, you just need to place the switches and sockets correctly.

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