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The state of the basement in any house can not only tell a lot about its owner, but also create a certain microclimate in the living space. Therefore, the basement renovation is an important part of the repair. For some people, the basement is a convenient storage area; for others, it is a utility room, where they find a place for things of seasonal use and tools; for others, they equip a workshop where you can do your favorite thing without disturbing your home.

Causes of basement destruction

Problems with the basement begin when the humidity level in it increases. In this case, drops of water form in the room on the ceiling, walls and floor, fungus and mold begin to spread, the air becomes heavy and dangerous for breathing. With a large amount of groundwater, communication problems with the water in the basement can stand for a long time – then the smell of dampness and mold spreads around the house, there are mosquitoes, other insects living in a humid environment, increases the risk of lung and allergic diseases in people living in the house.

There are several reasons for such troubles. In case of serious problems it is a whole set of errors and omissions that may occur during the construction phase or as a result of operation:

  • insufficient or incorrectly installed ventilation;
  • mistakes in the arrangement of waterproofing;
  • changes in the groundwater level;
  • the absence or improper condition of the tie-back;
  • cracks in walls and foundations;
  • Accidents of general house communications located in the basement.

In any case, you need an urgent basement renovation, in the absence of which may be dangerous for the whole house and its residents until the collapse of the building. The repair of the basement in the apartment building is performed by the management company.

Types of basement renovation in Toronto.

There are several types of basement repairs: current, cosmetic, partial, capital repairs. Each has its own features and involves different financial costs. You should consider each of the options in detail

Ongoing renovation works

This type of work includes periodic inspections of the basement. If problems are detected, they are immediately corrected. Cover small cracks in the walls and foundation, if necessary, replace the elements of waterproofing, restore the ruined areas of detachment, in time to repair communications located in the basement. If such work is done systematically, problems in the basement will not arise for many years.

Cosmetic renovation .

Cosmetic basement renovation of a private house is made depending on the preferences of the owner.Usually, if the basement is used for storage, the walls are plaster and apply 2-3 layers of special substances, it is done to destroy bacteria, fungus and mold. Such work is usually carried out either in the spring, when all the things from the basement can be taken outdoors, or in late summer – before bookmarked for storage of all items.

Walls can be painted with oil or acrylic paint: it gives a dense protective film on the surfaces. Provided good ventilation and sufficient waterproofing well-groomed cellar will be a spacious additional room, which will always find application.

Partial renovation

Partial repair of cellars is carried out if the humidity in the room has arisen for one or more of the possible reasons. For example, the ventilation system needs repair.

Or, for example, if a breakthrough in the basement of water pipes must be eliminated accident, check the proper functioning of the ventilation system, pump out water and dry the basement.  Or the foundation is repaired, it is carried out patching possible cracks, the restoration of detachment and external waterproofing.


This type is the most expensive and qualitative type of basement renovation. In this case, all work is done that can get the emergency room from damp.  Repair of ventilation, any damage to the foundation, the complete replacement of external and internal waterproofing, utilities. In a private home, this list may include a cosmetic finishing room and its redesign.

Materials and tools for basement renovation in Ontario

The list of necessary materials and tools for basement renovation is extensive and fully depends on the list of works performed. If the basement is significantly flooded, you may need special equipment for water pumping. If it is necessary to repair the foundation, you will need concrete, cement mortar, reinforcing materials.

In case of replacement of waterproofing must be new insulation materials and tools for their application or attachment.

When repairing the ventilation will need metal or plastic pipes, insulation, tools for installation. If necessary, additional ventilation requires design documentation, installation of special equipment.Performance of these works is better to entrust experienced professionals, such as the company “Captain Handy”.

In any case, you will need construction tools (chipping hammer, perforator, various types of spatulas, brushes, rollers, etc.), supplies and protective equipment (respirator, construction and rubber gloves, protective goggles).

Important moments of basement renovation.

Before you start the basement renovation in Toronto, you should pump the water out of the basement and dry the room. In addition, you should find and eliminate the cause of high humidity, otherwise the work will be useless. Planning the basement renovation, it is better to know in advance all the details about the state of groundwater on the site and how to drain the soil.

The backbone should be made with a slope of the building, it should not be too narrow. With a large area of basement space will be optimal arrangement of supply and exhaust ventilation, this requires additional equipment. If it is difficult to perform all the work on the basement renovation itself, you should entrust this work to professionals.

Elimination of problems associated with ground subsidence. Quality basement renovation in Toronto.

Ground subsidence occurs under the influence of groundwater, with the wrong calculation of the load on the foundation, errors in construction. In this case, it is necessary to dig out the soil in places of damage. Then it is mixed with sand and fine crushed stone and the resulting quality mixture is backfilled, carefully tamped each layer.

Often, to prevent the subsidence of the soil on the perimeter of the building planted grass and shrubs, they can reduce the subsidence. Sometimes, to keep the basement dry, a drainage system is arranged around the house.

Repair of waterproofing. Quality basement renovation in Toronto.

To waterproof the basement was of high quality, it must be made outside, around the perimeter of the building and the basement itself.

Quality external insulation can be performed during the construction of the house, however, if the house is purchased, the basement is raw, and the external waterproofing requires repair, there is also an exit:

  • To begin with, dismantle the curb and dig a trench around the perimeter of the building, releasing the foundation of the house. For this purpose, a jackhammer will be useful.
  • Remove a layer of old waterproofing, grind the foundation, cleaning it from crumbling layers. Thoroughly dry the cleaned base.
  • If there are cracks in the foundation, if necessary, they are expanded, cleaned of debris and dust and filled with cement mortar. All damages to the foundation must be repaired before the insulation works.
  • After drying, you can start the waterproofing. For it is usually used bituminous mastic or more expensive sprayed waterproofing. Application of bituminous mastic can be performed independently – it is quite a budget and effective method of basement protection. Installation outside of the roll waterproofing is more labor-intensive, the use of plaster waterproofing is possible, but it is less durable.

So, if the choice fell on the bituminous mastic, the finished dried base is covered with a special primer. Bituminous primer (primer) is applied with a flywheel brush. All necessary components can be purchased in ready-made form in construction stores. After drying the primer layer applied bituminous mastic in 3-4 coats with high-quality intermediate drying.

After complete drying of the waterproofing poured trench, rammed the ground and build a new reed. It can be concrete, with stone or tile finishing. The width of the reed is up to 1.5 meters.

Repair of ventilation. Cheap basement renovation.

The easiest way to ventilate basements – the device vents, air vents. On the outside of such ventilation openings are covered with a mesh that prevents the penetration into the basement of small animals. For a large area of basement or at the arrangement of a workshop, billiard room, laundry room or similar facilities need to install a full-fledged supply and exhaust ventilation.

In this case, the work on the development of the system and installation of equipment is better to entrust professionals. Often people refuse to install such ventilation only because of the high cost of work.

Repair of walls. Basement renovation.

During the fast basement renovation – the repair of walls is probably the most important part. If there are gaps in the walls, they are cleaned from debris and dust and sealed with cement mortar. After full drying the wall is applied a quality deep penetration primer, and after it – 2-3 layers of waterproofing cement mortar.

Further actions to renovate the basement walls depend on the choice of the house owner. They can be plastered and painted, tiled, used natural or artificial stone or other options for decoration.

Repair of floor and ceiling. Basement renovation

Roll waterproofing is laid in the basement on a gravel cushion, while the waterproofing should be made qualitatively and accurately, to form a continuous coating. If the room is to be used for storage of products and it should be cool, then the concrete tie is filled.

If waterproofing is carried out with the help of lubricant, they are applied to the concrete base, and the top is laid screed clean floor. Over the concrete in the basement can be laid linoleum, it is quite practical and easy to clean. If desired, the floor in the basement can be made wooden, tiled or poured.

The basement ceiling – is usually a slab of the first floor of the house. When using the basement to store items, the ceiling does not require additional finishing.

In other cases, its insulation is made. Insulate the ceiling by gluing it to the polystyrene foam boards. In case of significant differences in height it is better to use mineral wool for insulation. It is placed inside a pre-installed wooden or aluminum frame, which is then sewn with plywood, gypsum fiber boards. After that, the ceiling is finished.

It should be remembered that if the basement is planned to arrange an additional living space, you must install heating and ventilation. Often, in this case, the basement is installed warm floors.

In conclusion

Modern technologies, quality construction and finishing materials allow to make the basement renovation clean, dry and beautiful, to use the basement with great benefit and even to equip there a full-fledged living space. The main thing is that after a quality repair, it will no longer be a source of problems.

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