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Just decided on the place of residence outside the city, the question arises – what to do with the plot of land. Well, if bought with a well-groomed lawn, if the area is not prepared? Or do not like the view near the built house? Usually a country house means a place for rest, leisure, and unattended plot spoils the mood. Built area allows you to fully enjoy the rest with friends, after a hard day’s work, to spend the holidays.

The company Captain Handy, which is engaged in landscape design in Ontariolandscaping in Torontolandscape gardening in Toronto will help in the decision of territory improvement. Our team of professionals loves business which is engaged, thus considers wishes of clients. The company represents complex services, up to the subsequent service of the household plot at the request of the client.

The designer takes into account every detail, and an unusual and creative approach to the order helps to create a stunning style, uniqueness of landscape design. You can rely on the company – we have been successfully leading the market for many years, during this time we have successfully implemented hundreds of projects, helped many people.

We will help to change the site so that you can enjoy the view, feel only positive feelings sitting with your loved one on the terrace holding a cup of coffee or playing with children on the grass near the house. On the practical side, the designers will create a landscape in Ontario so that it is beautiful, functional. We provide our services not only in Toronto and the area, but also throughout Canada.

There’s no doubt about the landscaping of the farmhouse

As a rule, the difficulty of bringing the site in order arises in the independent planning of design. Each family member sees the final view of the area in its own way and it is difficult to translate the tastes of the family in one project. What to do if there is simply no time for planning and understanding the nuances of landscape design?

In order not to make a creative mess on the site, you just need to call a team of professionals. Landscape designers will help with the choice of plants, the location of arbours, plantings, clarification, correctly carry out automatic irrigation. The company Captain Handy provides a full range of landscape design services in Ontario:

  • Landscape project from a specialist
  • Arrangement of a rockery, a flower bed, alpine hills, Japanese gardens
  • Design and subsequent construction of decks, pergolas, garden bridges
  • Laying at your choice – natural, roll up lawn
  • Creation of water reservoirs for every taste and every complexity
  • Organization of both automatic and drip irrigation
  • Installation of farmstead lighting and lane laying
  • If necessary, we take care of the site at the end of work
  • We’re strengthening the coast.

We, a team of specialists will help improve the site quickly, qualitatively, for a reasonable price with a real guarantee. In developing a project of the future landscape uses the latest technology – 3d and 2d modeling and visualization. For those who first used the services of the designer, and does not know how to properly monitor the site, we can create a landscape with minimal labor costs. Thus, the garden will enjoy the beauty at any time of year and time of day.

As a rule, after the completion of all construction work there is no strength and time to take care of the plot of land. Our company will help in the care of plants, maintaining cleanliness, fighting pests and beetles, fertilizing the site.

How to landscape design your site. The stages of our cooperation

Any dream must come true – there is no need to go abroad to see the exotic, you can do it in your yard. And if you like the classic style of landscape design in Toronto or mixed, in any case, we will help you decide on the choice.

Many people are vaguely aware of what landscape design is and whether it is needed at all. Also worried that it will be expensive, wishes will not be heard. All these are empty fears and lack of information about landscaping in Ontario.

When contacting Captain Handy, a specialist will tell you in detail what will be used, how the work will be carried out and which teams will work on your landscape. The consultation is free of charge, you just need to call to the office or write to e-mail. Have you stopped being afraid? Then we’ll discuss the stages of joint cooperation:

  • Going to the site of your future work. Survey of the site, discussion of preliminary cost.
  • We’ll be sure to sign a contract, get an advance to develop the project.
  • Once the visual landscape project is ready, there is a discussion about your wishes. When everything is agreed and approved, the designer begins to transfer the visual design to the drawing.
  • We further discuss, agree on the estimate and list of necessary materials for the work.
  • Realization of the drawing on the nature under the supervision of the designer – excavation works, watering, lighting, lawn, paths, planting of plants.
  • You accept the renovated site and we provide a one-year warranty on materials and work performed.

As can be seen from the points of the stage, we take our work responsibly, there is no criticism or bad feedback on our work. In this case, we are open to dialogue with the customer, prompt, recommend, explain the incomprehensible situation, answer all your questions.

What kind of team works on landscaping projects

To understand who creates the landscape in Ontario for the territory, let’s talk about our team of specialists. Captain Handy values its employees, who are professionals. Each employee has graduated from the higher education institution of the country, received a special profile education in the field of landscaping and landscape. They already have work experience confirmed by hundreds of successfully implemented projects.

All designers and masters are aware of the latest fashion trends in the landscape, can also offer their developments, ideas. Always be able to explain why a particular site does not need the same design as in a resort or on the image from a magazine. They will offer a compromise, an alternative suitable for the customer.

Specialist who is competent in the design of plots of land, before proposing a plan for future design, will take into account the location of the area, dendrology, climate features, customer wishes and will gather in a single project to look organic, stylish, original. It is more difficult if the customer does not know exactly what he wants, the task of the designer to collect scattered images, pick up under the area, to create an original landscape design on the site.

The company never give up the obligations, we perform works without attraction of external contractors. You can check a course of work at any stage, thus in detail we will tell about results. We can also provide photo reports upon request.

Captain Handy saves your time, money, and most importantly your nerves. Our specialists are happy for their work, we pay attention to any little thing – a stone, a twig or stump. In our capable hands, any little thing becomes a component of the future landscape of your dreams. For us, there are no long distances – we work not only in Toronto and the region, but all over Canada.

The times of similar manor territories with faceless gardens and beds are long gone. Today, thanks to the landscape design in Toronto can create an individual style of farmland, to emphasize the status of owners of the site and their preferences.

Landscaping in Ontario

Landscaping a garden in Toronto, country house or yard in Ontario from Captain Handy is a unique opportunity to refine the area, fill it with exquisite plants, correctly and harmoniously combine them and create the necessary stylistic concept.

It is important to understand that landscape design is a creative and creative process. At the same time, with the wrong approach to such work can harm the appearance of the territory and break the idyll.

That is why it is recommended to use the services of professional designers who have sufficient knowledge and practical experience in organizing and improving the garden area to create a landscaping of the cottage plot or yard (or any other).

The company “Captain Handy” offers you its professional services of landscape design and landscaping garden in Ontario, homestead or any other area.

In the process of creating a project, we clearly take into account the peculiarities of the area, its shape and a number of other factors, as well as listen to your recommendations and wishes. All in order to create an elite landscape design, which will qualitatively allocate your site among hundreds of others.

On our resource you can view photos and examples of design projects, as well as read reviews. Traditionally, for illustrative purposes, we place a photo before and after the embodiment of our creative and creative plan.

To use our services or to call in a specialist to carry out area measurements, we recommend using the order form or contact us in any other way convenient for you. If this is the case, you can also get specific advice and recommendations from our professional staff.

To order a project in the company “Captain Handy” is the first step to creating a beautiful country house design. To find out the prices for a particular project, you need to use the “Contacts” section and contact us or visit our cozy office for a personal conversation.

We work with a variety of different types of territory: ready to implement the landscape design of a small plot or implement a turnkey large and responsible project. The cost of landscaping in Ontario is discussed individually in each case.

To live in harmony with nature, to provide comfort and coziness is one of the tasks that we set ourselves. Our experience allows us to create any landscape, changing the landscape of the surrounding area and making your wishes come true.

You have an area that you have long dreamed of, but you are not satisfied with its terrain. Our highly qualified designers will develop a quality landscape design project for your site, so that you would like to work and enjoy the fruits of their work or relax with the whole family and enjoy life.

Landscape design is the art of combining the life-giving power of plants and man, an artificially created place that pleases everyone with beauty and wellbeing. Choose landscape design, and we can meet all your needs for the implementation of bold ideas.

If you order from us the landscape design of the dacha area, then free yourself from many problems with improvement, and we will create the perfect conditions for a perfect rest after a day of work and the city bustle. You can enjoy the silence and extraordinary beauty of your garden, walk comfortable winding paths to the recreation area, listening to the whispers of trees and admiring the picturesque artificial pond or sit on a bench with a volume of poems by your favorite poet, hiding from the hot summer in the shadow of exotic trees growing on the ledges of the terrace.

The landscape design of the Toronto site, made in collaboration with you creative project, will bring you a special, extraordinary unique feeling of fusion with nature.

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