Vinyl floor Installation in Toronto and Ontario

To order the service of installation of vinyl floor , calculation of the cost, as well as in the selection of both the type of coating and a combination of colors, please contact the employees of the company, any convenient way for you, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Installation of vinyl floor

Vinyl floors are widely distributed due to their low cost, ease of use, wide variation of colors and patterns and durability. Installation of vinyl floor in Toronto can be carried out by our experts in the shortest possible time. With proper skill and availability of the necessary tools and supplies to lay the vinyl floor can anyone.

Vinyl floor has a rather complex structure – it is a multi-layer “sandwich”, in which each layer has its own function. Thus, the top layer protects the floor from UV light, which destroys any paint. This is what ensures that the vinyl floor preserves its appearance for many years. Deeper is the transparent vinyl layer, which protects the floor from mechanical damage, its thickness determines the class of wear resistance of the material.

There is also a decorative layer, which is responsible for the color and texture of the floor, a reflective layer, a reinforcing layer for increased strength. Next, there is a quartz vinyl layer, which makes the floor stiff and withstands heavy loads. Quartz sand in a mixture with a polymer plasticizer creates a very strong base.

Even deeper are layers of glass fiber and polyvinyl chloride substrates. The layers of “sandwich” are combined with each other by hot pressing. This is the maximum number of layers, but depending on the class, there may be fewer.

What is a vinyl floor?

There are several varieties of vinyl flooring in stores. Installation of a vinyl floor in our masters is made by different methods, depending on what type of floor you are staying on. The most common is vinyl laminate – long separate boards, which look very similar to the laminate itself. They are suitable for residential premises and offices.

Vinyl tiles on a hard or soft base is a square with sides 300, 450 and 600 mm, sometimes there are other sizes. There are also quartz-vinyl tiles, or just quartz-vinyl. It is more convenient to work with, as for this material the surface requirements are lower, it can also be used with warm floors.

Glue vinyl differs in the way it is stacked. It is placed on the glue, not installed in a locked way. This procedure is more time consuming and requires higher qualifications. But the glue vinyl is suitable for large areas of the premises in which the glue-free coating can eventually shift.

Installation of vinyl floor in Toronto is made with a guarantee!

If you choose a quality coating, it will serve you for decades. The main advantage of vinyl floors in Ontario is their resistance to mechanical damage, primarily, abrasion. If the floor will experience high loads, for example, designed for the transit corridor, which is used by thousands of people – it is better to choose a quartz-vinyl coating.

The composition of the floor gives it the highest strength, and it is not afraid of falling weights, dragging furniture on the surface, the impact of women’s heels. The most durable floors belong to class 43, they can be installed even in shops and garages. And products 23-31 classes are suitable for home use.

It is also important to waterproof this floor and its resistance to water. Thanks to this vinyl is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, and products of the highest classes are suitable for public laundries. Waterproofing will be very useful even if you inadvertently broke a pipe – so you will not flood your neighbors.

In addition, synthetic vinyl does not rot at all and is immune to fungi, in contrast to the parquet or deck board. And of course, for all its qualities, the vinyl floor also looks great, imitating natural wood, stone, ceramic tiles, and other materials.

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