Wooden floor installation in Toronto and Ontario

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Wooden floor installation in Toronto

Do you need a floor installation? Then you must first choose what material you will be laying.

What its length, thickness and width will be. If, for example, you have a room 3 * 4, then you are optimal and non-waste 4m floorboard will suit. If you have a room more or less then you need to decide whether to make a wooden floor of a solid board, or join the parts (laying a wooden floor in Toronto chess method).

It is also important to consider the thickness of the floorboard and step lag under it. The thinner the wooden floors in Ontario , the more often the bar is laid. For example, for 35mm, the board can step from 50 to 90cm. For 20mm the recommended step is 50cm.

When laying the floor it is important to consider the thickness of the board, the bar and the surface on which the floor will be laid. So that after laying the board, the wooden floors were not above the door threshold.

Once you have chosen the right material is recommended to place it in the house or the room where the floor will be laid. Since the wood needs 2 to 7 days to acclimatize to the microclimate of the room.

Wooden floors, the process of installation of wood flooring :

In the room in which the installation of wooden floors, the highest point is selected and from it according to the level laid a bar on which the floor will be placed. It is important to note that if the room is basement or the floor is above the basement, then under the lags must be bedded waterproofing coating. It is desirable before laying a wooden floor in Ontario to present the layout of the room regarding furniture and carpeting.

Due to this you can pick up in visible areas of the floorboard with a beautiful front, and the board that has some visual defects can then be covered with furniture. It is also worth paying attention to what skirting board will be mounted after laying the hardwood floor in Toronto. Wooden skirting board can be narrow ceiling or wide floor, there can be a skirting board (for this skirting board gap between the walls and the floor board should be minimal as it has a very narrow coverage).

 If the walls of the room are uneven, it is better to use a soft plastic skirting board that will better fit to the walls and visually hide the irregularities.

Already when the installation of the floor and mounting the skirting board, is done grinding the floor for its alignment and preparation for painting a wooden floor in Toronto.

Painting a wooden floor in Toronto.

After grinding directly begins the process of priming and quality painting a hardwood floor in Toronto. The finished floor can be opened with a colorless varnish or using toner, to give the floor a certain shade. The lacquer can be glossy or matt.

For residential buildings where the floor is installed, we recommend using a varnish with a water-based hardener. It is also important to consider how many people will pass through the room. To determine the type of lacquer used and the number of layers applied.

When coating with lacquer you should also consider the technical requirements of the manufacturer of lacquer to the surface of the wooden floor, the thickness of application and the time of drying the lacquer before applying the next layer.

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