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The best landscaping company in East York – aims to transform the surrounding area, the contemplatio are one of the main landscaping works in the area.

Important indicators that the best landscaping company in East York is taking into account

Before landscaping in North York, it is important to find out as much as possible about the area’s climate, soil conditions, existing plantings and the crops to be planted.

The main climatic factor that determines the choice of plants and the nature of landscaping in general is temperature, since each plant has its own optimal temperature limits for normal growth.

The best landscaping company in York will help you turn all your plans into reality!

Another important indicator when drawing up a green area plan is the degree of illumination of the area as a whole and its individual parts. For uniform landscaping, you need to select the right light-loving and shade loving plants.

It is necessary to find out the fertility of the soil, this is the indicator that determines the quality of supply of planted plant crops with nutrients, water and air. Saturation with mineral elements, acidity, mechanical composition and so on – these are the indicators that determine the quality of soil. The best soil for plants is considered to be loamy and sandy loam.

Ground humidity is a very important indicator. Water is a necessary material for plant growth and its main component. Moisture helps to dissolve the minerals needed to feed the plants and to protect them from overheating.

The main supplier of moisture is precipitation, the average rate of which is taken into account when planning a green area.

Best Landscaping company – your step to a successful project!

Several key milestones in the best landscaping company in York

1. Dendrological plan

Landscaping in York begins with the drawing of an arboretum – a drawing on which the boundaries of the site, the buildings located on it, lines of communication, are applied to existing trees and shrubs, and then planned plantings.

Before the beginning of landscaping must take into account the location of the site relative to the sides of the world, on an open or sheltered from the wind is an area. Landscaping is done taking into account the topography of the area, as it plays a decisive role in decorating the garden space.

All these factors influence the selection of plantings for subsequent plantings. Experienced landscaping specialists in North York know very well how to emphasize the uniqueness of the natural terrain.

2. Planting decorative plants

The next important stage will be the selection and further planting of plants. The whole variety of plant forms is divided into several groups: trees (plants with a single trunk), shrubs (plants with several tree trunks), herbaceous (perennial and annual plants), they can also be divided into deciduous and evergreen.

3. Greening with evergreen plants

Coniferous plants stand out for their special beauty at any time of year, due to their variety of shapes, coloration of needles and trunks, these plants are indispensable for the decoration of any garden.

4. Planting perennial plants

Those parts of the garden that are free from trees and shrubs are filled with herbaceous plants, they have a fairly large group. Grass plants are divided into perennials, two-year-old and annual plants. For the design of columns and arches, curly green areas are used.

5. Lawn building

The final final stage in the landscaping of the North York site is sowing or laying the lawn. It is very important in the design of the territory to maintain a uniform style, then the site will look harmonious, cozy, comfortable and delight its owners all year round.

Best Landscaping company – a great choice for the homeowner!

Landscape design in East York

Landscaping Company in East York “Captain Handy” provides a full range of landscape design services in York. Our team includes specialists such as: landscape architect, landscape designer, sculptors, engineering communications specialist, dendrologist, florist, stone specialists, three work teams for landscape and landscaping in North York.

The works we perform: design, landscaping and landscaping, creation of decorative water reservoirs, installation of engineering communications, paving, as well as further maintenance of the territory.

We are always glad to come to the aid and fulfill any task set by the most demanding client. We provide services throughout Ontario. We operate in North York, East York, York, Toronto, Bolton, Aurora, etc.

Works which we carry out: designing, an accomplishment and gardening, creation of decorative reservoirs, watering, installation of engineering communications, paving, and also the further maintenance of territory.

We love our work, and you will be sure of it! A best landscaping company is an excellent, well-thought-out choice.

Landscape work in York

One of the most interesting and important stages of landscaping is landscape work in York.

Preliminary on your site should be performed the necessary engineering and construction work in accordance with the developed project: the creation of drainage system of the site, vertical layout of the area, constructed water bodies, prepared the soil for the growth of plants in accordance with the requirements of plants, etc.. 

Landscape in North York – planting plantations on the site (trees, shrubs, lawns, perennials, annuals, etc.), which form and decorate your garden. When planting trees and shrubs, lawns, perennials, annuals, etc., which form and decorate your garden, it is very important to imagine the appearance of your garden after a few years.

Otherwise, the same little tree planted to admire her in front of the window, after 10-15 years will grow into a huge green (or blue) beauty, which completely block the view from the window and shade the room in the house.

Another situation is also common: a beautiful little juniper planted next to the track (20-30 cm in diameter) gradually grows to 3-5 meters and completely covers the surface of the track. An important aspect in the selection of planting material is knowledge of plant varieties and the country of origin of the planting material.

For example, if you want to see annual early spring flowering of the flower buds, plant the ovata flower buds; in other species of flower buds, the flower buds almost freeze above the snow cover level every year.

Many dendrologists are very skeptical about plants grown in the Benelux countries, because the acclimation of such plants is somewhat difficult. Do the right thing with Captain Handy, a best landscaping company.

However, it is possible to ask for help from an experienced landscape designer in East York with a good knowledge of dendrology, who will be able to make the selection of plant material for the creation of a garden with all its features. The design of three-dimensional compositions of plants should be based on the laws and stylistics of landscape design in North York, while taking into account the differences in environmental requirements of plants by soil, lighting, hydrological regime, etc. It is also necessary to take into account differences of plants in growth strength, seasonal ornamentally.

It is desirable to think over the winter appearance of the garden: at this time of year in the foreground are coniferous trees and shrubs, as well as the skeletons of trees and shrubs and their bark, fruits.

Almost every landscape designer in North York has his or her own techniques and secrets for creating a beautiful garden.

Someone prefers bouquet planting, someone does not think of a garden without lighting, someone planted hedges in all areas. It’s a matter of personal taste and preference. Our many years of experience have shown that the best results are obtained through close collaboration between the client and an experienced landscape designer in East York.

In conclusion, we would like to note that landscaping, despite some difficulties, is an extremely interesting and exciting process. The result is a beautiful and harmonious garden, to which you always want to return. Try it, plant it and you will succeed.

And if you are in any doubt, please contact us. We will certainly develop and implement a landscape design project for your garden in York!

Landscape design companies in North York

The best solution would be to come to us. We are a landscaping company, offering design in North York and the area partially or “turnkey”. Describe us a picture of an ideal garden or a whole plot, and we will make it a reality!

Landscape design in York consists of several stages:

  • Conversation with the customer – what he wants to see on the site, which plants he prefers, whether there will be water bodies;
  • A visit by our staff to the site to assess the soil condition, the need for drainage and more;
  • Selection of all planting materials – bushes, trees, flowers;
  • Works on creation of a given landscape;
  • Delivery of work to the customer.

With us all quickly and simply. Each of our work is a separate story, which was written only for our customer. All our landscape projects in East York are different, we try to offer each time something new and original. We use in design, as typical garden plants, and more rare copies.

Our landscaping company in East York is your dream!

By contacting us, you will learn what high service and professionalism are. In our team there are real masters of their craft – designers and designers who strive to make not just a beautiful landscape project, but a real masterpiece, every time new and unique. Using different plants, we create uniquely beautiful landscape projects in York.

Properly designed and laid out irrigation of the soil is also not in last place. In a word, we offer a variety of landscape projects in different styles, approaching this issue thoroughly and from all sides. Therefore, with us quality, profitable and most importantly, beautiful!

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