Building veranda in North York


If a person dreams of a veranda in North York as a place to enjoy a beautiful view with a cup of coffee in his hand, he better build a terrace. But the veranda is built first and foremost to insulate the house.

The fact is that the front door in terms of thermal insulation is a very weak point, because its thickness is much less than the walls of the house. Therefore, add a veranda in order to create a buffer zone that keeps the cold air away from the front door. You can building veranda in North York to a country house with your own hands.

Building veranda. Preparation

The veranda in East York, like any other annex, is part of the building, so it must be in harmony with the entire main structure. It is best to use the same materials to create its walls and roof as for the house itself.

But that’s not always possible. In this case it is recommended to connect the house and the annex by the same finish. If the main structure is wooden, then a wooden veranda in East York should be made of this material.

Project and legitimization

As mentioned above, the veranda in York serves for insulation, so it should be built from the front door.

Dimensions are arbitrary and the owners choose them according to their own needs. Standard veranda dimensions are 4×4 meters. However, it is worth considering the general view of the house from the street, because a small veranda in York near a two-storey house will not harmonize with it.

But before you start building a veranda in North York, regardless of its size, you need to perform several formal procedures.

When the owners have already come up with what their new annex will look like, it is necessary to make its project. With this project, depending on the rules of the territory where the villa is located, you need to go to the architectural department of the local administration, where the owners will receive a building permit, and specialists will make changes to the design of the house. These procedures should be done in winter, as they will take about 2 months, and the owners will have time to prepare for the construction season.


On the site of the future veranda in East York it is necessary to remove a valuable fertile layer, which can be used as a target method in the garden.

After that, the pegs are driven into the corners of the veranda and a rope is stretched along them. This should be done both for the outer corners of the walls, and the inner corners to immediately determine the thickness of the walls. How to mark the site in order to build a veranda in East York to the country house, you can ask us by phone!

Groundbreaking rules

Regardless of what type of foundation will be chosen, it should be made with the same depth as the foundation of the whole country house. At the same time, you should not turn the foundation of buildings into a single whole – it is better to make a gap of about 4 cm. Heavy house has a higher degree of shrinkage than a light veranda in York, so it can just pull an extension. It is very important when choosing the type of foundation to take into account the overall quality of the soil and the material from which the walls will be made to avoid “playing” the foundation or excessive shrinkage of the veranda in North York.

Building a wooden veranda in East York

On the floor for tying a bar is placed, in which grooves are cut out to attach the racks. The racks are installed and fixed with nails.

Those adjoining the main building must be fastened with anchor bolts. A step equal to the width of the window at the place where it is planned must be taken. The place for the door is best left somewhere at the end to avoid drafts. Another bar is fastened to the top of the posts to create an upper tie-up. Where the roof slope of the main house is located, the girder should be attached with anchor bolts.

Construction of the veranda in York

In the final stage of construction of the veranda in York, the only thing left to do is to cover the walls and install windows. Where there will be a window, add a sill bar and fix it with vertical struts. It is better to sew the walls on both sides by laying a layer of insulation between them.

The best materials for this are those that keep the heat well, but do not forget that they must be in harmony with the rest of the house.

Building a veranda of bricks in North York

If a brick house was built, then building a veranda of bricks in North York is a must!

For it is better to use a ribbon foundation, as it is more resistant to ground heaving. For such a small annex, the wall thickness of half a brick is suitable, and inside you can lay blocks, filling the void with expanded clay. A person who has never built anything before is better to hire a specialist.

It is very important to take immediate care of the insulation of the veranda, because the brick very well conducts heat, so the bricks veranda in North York will not perform their thermal insulation properties.

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