Frequent mistakes when house repairing in Brampton. Tips how to avoid them.

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House repairing in Brampton is often a time-consuming process, with many aspects to consider. Often, when house repairing , people make mistakes, which eventually lead to unfortunate consequences. Because of such mistakes, it may be necessary to do all the work again. We have collected tips to help you avoid mistakes and perform quality house repairing in Brampton.

Redesign. House repairing in Aurora.

Such a process is very responsible. The redesign of the house involves the demolition of walls and possibly the construction of new ones. Regardless of the complexity of work, it is necessary to prepare a project, which will contain all information about the demolished walls, erected floors.

In addition, the project should be approved in the design-inventorization bureau. Approval involves submission of a package of documents. Therefore, before redevelopment must collect these documents and pass the approval procedure – without this work will be illegal.

If you are not sure that you will perform the work correctly, it is better to assign the case to a specialist. When demolishing the wall, you can hit the communications or supporting structures, which will lead to dire consequences.

Electric. House repairing in Bolton.

Replacement of wiring also requires a separate electrical installation project. It must reflect all planned sockets, switches and lighting fixtures. It should be composed when the location of furniture in the room is thought over. Then the sockets will be at a convenient height and in the right place.

Combining rooms. House repairing.

Many people with separate bathrooms eventually come to the conclusion that combining the bathroom and toilet is a good idea. In fact, this idea is good only when there is a second toilet in the house. A combined bathroom will be convenient, provided that there is only one person in the house. If there are more household members, this solution will lead to constant discomfort.

The combination of kitchen and living room also looks doubtful. Decrease in the number of rooms leads to the fact that the residents simply have nowhere to be alone. Therefore, such a solution will be appropriate only in cases where each of the tenants has a separate room with a good door.

Bathroom and toilet. Quality home repairs in Aurora.

When quality repair of the bathroom in Aurora is not worth trying to save on materials. If you pay for and buy quality sanitary ware, it will serve for a long time and will not bother you with any surprises such as leaks. Accordingly, the risk and flooding of neighbors will be reduced.

Tiles should be laid only when the work on changing communications is completed. In addition, it is desirable to order a slightly larger volume of it when buying than you need for a full coverage. This is necessary in order to be able to carry out a local replacement, even when such tiles are already removed from production.

Organization of space at home in Aurora


In order that after the repair you do not have problems with the placement of things, it is recommended to immediately allocate space for a closet or closet. In this case, the dressing room is a more practical option. It has enough space to fold clothes and shoes of the whole family, as well as the equipment used from time to time. For your own comfort, it is recommended to think about the lighting in the dressing room in advance.

Our company “Captain Handy” will help you with the organization of space at home in Aurora.

Tips for repairs from specialists “Captain Handy”:

  • You should not put parquet or laminate in the kitchen – they will quickly spoil due to the conditions of use.
  • A very practical solution is to install a waterproof socket in the bathroom. You can use it with a razor, hair dryer and other accessories right in the bathroom.
  • When planning the flooring, take into account that it is necessary for the tiles to be 3 or 3.5 cm lower than the general level.
  • Do not use light grout for the floor. This leads to rapid soiling.
  • If durability is important to you, then give preference to stretch ceilings for bathroom and toilet.
  • In the bedroom, dimmers will be an excellent solution to create extra comfort.
  • It is better to equip the extractor hood with a closed box.
  • Don’t forget the leads for the TV cable and the Internet cable. It is recommended to leave the leads for both cables, regardless of whether you use them or not.
  • The electrician should go through several switches. So, if some technician breaks the traffic jams, the electricity in the house will remain.
  • Do not forget to equip your kitchen with a sufficient number of sockets.

It is worth noting that when repairing the house in Aurora there are many specific issues and aspects that are worth considering. Therefore, you should only take on the work when you are fully confident that everything has been planned. If there is no such confidence, it is better to trust the professionals and call us.

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