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Drywall is one of the best building materials for today. When finishing modern houses and offices it is used everywhere. Professional builders, making repairs in buildings with internal curved walls, mainly use drywall sheets for their alignment and sometimes even drywall repair. At the request of the customer with the help of drywall perform redesign of premises.

Progressive owner, dreaming of saving money during the repair, may well do without a team of hired workers and make the walls of drywall and his own hands. After all, the technology of manufacturing drywall walls is not difficult, and it can be mastered by almost anyone.

So, you started a repair in your home. You face several challenges:

  • Align the walls in the room.
  • Block a large room with a drywall, dividing it into two parts.

To solve the first problem you will simply lining the old walls with drywall, so that they will be smooth and even. In the second case, you will mount the wall on a metal or wooden profile. Then the erected construction will be stronger and will serve you longer.

So, where do you start? Of course, with the selection of tools to work with. You just need a knife with breakaway blades, metal cutting scissors, screwdriver, electric drill, construction level or plumb line, tape measure, glue or mastic. You will need drywall sheets, profiles and fasteners made of dowel nails and self-tapping screws.

Covering old walls with drywall

Before starting work you should prepare the old walls for the installation of drywall. To do this, you should carefully fix all the cracks and remove a layer of old plaster. Then measure the exact number of drywall sheets that will be needed to cover the entire room.

In the process you will need to cut the drywall, because it is very difficult to mount huge sheets on the wall. It is easiest to cut drywall with a sharp knife with broken-off blades. First, a ruler is made on the sheet, then a ruler is applied to the line and along it the cardboard is neatly cut and the gypsum is cut with a knife. After that, the sheet should be broken along the cutting line and carefully cut the cardboard in place of the break on the back side. So, the sheet is ready. Now you should attach it to the wall.

There are two ways to mount drywall on the wall. The first is to attach the sheets with screws, which are screwed into the wall with a screwdriver. The second method of installation is gluing drywall to the wall. It is best to use Perlfix composition. The mixture should be applied in small amounts to the back side of the drywall sheet and glued to the wall, then using a level to level the vertical wall formed. In this way, you can achieve the first task set before you: now all the walls in the house are perfectly flat.

Partition wall (drywall) with your own hands.

For the construction of a new drywall is best to use a solid frame. It can be made of wood by connecting the structure with screws or screws. However, over time, the impact of temperature and humidity on the wood can deform the shape of the frame, so most builders prefer to make it from metal profiles, which can be purchased in the store.

So, first of all, the place for the partition is determined. After that, using the plumb line, you make a line of markings on the ceiling and floor for the entire length of the future wall. To make the frame turned out perfectly flat in the vertical direction, it is recommended to pull the cord from one wall to another. Then with a knife on the metal metal profiles are cut to the desired length.

The next stage of work is to fix the upper and lower rails with dowel nails. Rack profiles are installed in the guides and fastened vertically in the frame with screws. Frame for installation is ready, and now to be lined with drywall.

First, cut sheets of drywall of the right size and processed with a planer their edge. Then, using self-tapping screws sheets of drywall are attached to the rack profiles. The distance between the self-tapping screws is about 30 cm. In this way the frame is lined on both sides.

When the installation of drywall is completed, should be routed horizontal joints at the joint of the sheets to strengthen the structure. After that comes the process of puttingtying the built wall. For her besides a mixture of gypsum still need a reinforcing mesh-samo sticker. It is desirable to use it at the joints of drywall sheets for better fixing of gypsum mixture. Therefore, first the mesh is glued to the wall, and then a layer of putty is applied to the mesh. Once the putty has dried, it should be gently sanded with sandpaper skin.

The last stage of your work is the decoration of the drywall, which is carried out by pasting it with wallpaper, finishing with decorative tiles or simple painting in the desired color. By the way, there is a laminated drywall, which is already decorative, and you do not need to spend time on decoration.

So the partition, made by your own hands, is ready. Now you can be proud of your own result, because everything was not so complicated.

Drywall repair in Toronto and Maple

Drywall surfaces are quite brittle, so they can be damaged by strong mechanical action, such as accidental impact. This happens especially often when carrying heavy furniture. Such damage is not critical and it is possible to drywall repair. Small holes and cracks can be puttied, and larger ones can be covered with a piece of drywall.

Repair a large damage

To repair a large hole in the drywall, you must first draw a picture of the damaged area, and then very carefully cut out this fragment with a hacksaw or jigsaw. Then, cut out a new fragment from a solid drywall sheet or scrap. It is important that it is slightly larger than the size of the hole that we fill – then you can file it more accurately.

Sharpen the edges of the cut formed in the wall, attach two wooden bars to the base wall with self-tapping screws from the inside (pieces of plywood, metal profile will also fit), insert a replacement fragment and screw it to the bars. At the final stage, reinforce the joints with special tape and putty. Drywall repair in Toronto can also be done by our specialists,just contact us.

Closing of small holes

The difference between patching small holes in the drywall from the large holes is that you can not screw the wooden bars, and just carefully insert a patch. Therefore it is extremely important to accurately adjust the new fragment to the size of the hole. If you have any problems with this, drywall repair in Maple can doing “Captain Handy”.

From a piece of ordinary drywall cut out the workpiece in the form of a square or a triangle of 5-6cm larger than the sealed opening. Then we mark the necessary contour very carefully. On the back side of the patch on the planned lines make cuts. Excess pieces are removed, leaving a strip of face cardboard 5-6cm wide along the edge of the patch. When the aperture is ready, we insert a replacement fragment into it and sink a piece of cardboard along its edges in a putty.

Restoration of damaged corners

Sometimes it may be necessary to repair the outside corner. For this purpose, we use primarily screws, self-tapping screws, screw them on the borders of the damaged area in 3cm steps. Then use a chisel and a narrow trowel to remove the old putty and cut a piece of broken profile. And in its place with a file adjust the new and screw it to the corner with screws. At the final stage, we putty the restored area in 2-3 layers. This is the end of drywall repair.

Repair of drywall walls is not difficult to do, but even easier to prevent it. Proper assembly and sheathing of the framework with sheets of drywall in compliance with all technologies of installation of drywall prevents future repair of walls. This does not include mechanical damage, but their force on the wall can be significantly reduced if it is lined with a double layer of drywall. We advise you to reinsure yourself and contact professionals on the issue of drywall repair.

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