Siding installation in Toronto and Ontario

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Siding installation in Ontario

Siding is a material that is used for cladding the facade of the building. It protects the house from adverse environmental conditions, as well as gives it an exquisite and aesthetic appearance. Siding installation in Toronto is carried out using simple tools, but the main difficulty of the process is the choice of material. Vinyl, wood, metal, cement and other types of materials can be used for cladding. If you need a quick and professional installation of siding in Toronto, please contact our company. We will gladly transform your room and turn it into a real work of art!

Main types of siding. Installation of siding in Toronto

Depending on the house you can choose different types of siding. They differ in durability, service life and loads that can withstand. It is best to entrust the choice of siding to a professional who knows the nuances of each material. At the moment, there are the following types of siding installation in Toronto:

  • Vinyl – PVC panels of various sizes, which perfectly imitate the wooden lining. This is a lightweight and weather-resistant material, which is sold at an affordable price.
  • Wooden – is most often impregnated with antiseptics, so it does not produce mold. Such an installation of siding in Toronto is an environmentally friendly and insulating material with high aesthetic qualities.
  • Metal – can be painted in different colors or imitate the structure of wood. It is durable, resistant to high temperatures and has a high strength. On such a siding there are no problems with mold, it does not deform for decades.
  • Fibrocement – environmentally friendly material, which includes sand, water and cellulose fiber. It is resistant to atmospheric phenomena, durable and does not require self-care. Siding does not produce fungus or mold, and its material can withstand even sharp temperature drops.
  • Heat-saving is a popular type of siding installation in Ontario, where an important role is given to insulation materials. In this way it is possible not only to decorate the building, but also to keep heat inside.

How does siding installation in Toronto work?

Qualitatively and quickly to perform installation of facade material can our professionals from the company “Captain Handy”. We carry out the installation of siding in Ontario with insulation in several stages:

  • Preparatory: the building surface is carefully studied, the necessary materials and tools are selected, calculations are made and a detailed installation scheme is developed.
  • Siding fixation: creating a two-layer sheathing, laying insulation, fixing the membrane with slats and siding cladding.
  • Installation of soffits: the installation of panels with soffits, which provide ventilation of the space.
  • Final stage: check the quality of work, cleaning the remnants of the material.

Why contact “Captain Handy”? Siding installation in Toronto

  • Performing all types of work within a predetermined time frame.
  • Regular professional development and self-improvement.
  • Using only the best materials and tools.
  • Low price for siding installation in Toronto.
  • Execution of even the most voluminous and complex orders.
  • Individual approach to each client.

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