Driveway in North York


The construction driveway in North York of the houses cannot be considered completed if the plot is not landscaped in front of them. Improvement of the garden area, among other things, includes the driveway in North York and paths. Therefore, if you have started the construction or repair of the cottage – do not forget to ensure a beautiful and comfortable driveway in York to the house.

In this article we will consider several simple design options for paths: bulk, natural stone and brick.

Driveway Repair in East York

The simplest option is from gravel driveway or crushed stone driveway. The road can be made by simply pouring the material into a shallow bed, which then is not forcibly trampled. A more durable option will be a path, which will be poured on a pillow made of pebbles or broken bricks.

Driveway of crushed stone is attractive because it has a natural appearance, rejecting all thoughts about the artificiality and unnaturalness of the landscape.

Pros of driveway in North York: dries quickly after precipitation, does not slide into the ice. Disadvantages: Small fractions of gravel can be spread with shoes throughout the site.

Brick driveway in York

The brick is just a great material for the driveway design. It can be placed either with a rib or as a flat brick. You only need to use a brick specially designed for decorative purposes – pavement brick. It is expensive, and its laying takes quite a long time, but the originality of the coating will be ensured. The color range of paving bricks is large, from it you can lay out colored patterns or create a monotonous pattern.

The advantage of the brick is that it does not require cement bonding, it is enough to fill the gaps between the bricks sand.

brick driveway in North York is a great solution!

Driveway in stone

Natural stone has been used in building houses for several centuries. And its popularity is not lost in the process. This coating is very durable, has a high resistance to wear and tear, adapted to any climatic conditions, even the most severe. In addition, it has a very aesthetic appearance.

Natural stone, whose application has become relevant not only in the internal repair of cottages, houses or luxury apartments, but also in the landscape works and landscaping of the property, will create in your garden a corner of wildlife, the contrast of the stone and greenery, emphasize the harmony between man and the world around him. The use of natural materials will suit the lovers of natural landscape, will give the decoration of the yard a relaxed and unsophisticated look, make it a highlight and become an ornament of any home. Driveway in stone In North York – perfect for any plot!

Construction of a driveway

Fast and quality driveway construction in North York at an attractive price. In the process of erecting a country house in uninhabited villages without quality road infrastructure it is necessary to think in advance about such a nuance as the construction of a driveway in North York.

Construction and repair services for driveway

In the process of modern suburban construction is often overlooked the moment of arrangement of roads, which in the future may cause a lot of problems, including the need to repair the car. We offer professional construction and repair of driveway in accordance with the standards of different types of road surface. After all, the driveway, as well as the gate fence, is the business card of the homeowner.

Driveway in North York is the core business of our company. Our engineers and builders have the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the arrangement of different categories of road surface depending on the peculiarities of the road and soil.

Experts of our company will carry out a complex of works on arrangement of an access road to your site with a country house:

  • research into the soil and its features;
  • measuring the length of the road;
  • selection of the optimal road surface option and calculation of the required amount;
  • construction work;
  • road quality control.

The cost of construction of the driveway is calculated in the estimated documentation, which takes into account the wishes of the customer. We start construction of a driveway to a house or a section only after all the points of the estimate have been agreed and approved, after which the cost on our part is not subject to adjustments.