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Interlock driveway in North York is not only about laying paving tiles, stone and other materials, it is an important stage of landscaping and design, yes, it is greenery and design and it is not a mistake. It is the Interlocking in East York that is the conductor between garden and home.

His mission, as the primary means of small plot design:

  • Interlock in York defines and shapes the garden and subsequent plantings.
  • Determines the balance between the volume of greenery and paving in North York, the disbalance of these relationships, our main enemy.
  • Provides circulation and care for the planting masses.
  • In small gardens, it is the main means of organizing space.

Paving in East York is in essence the same functions of a garden, thinking about the functions we think about in what form of movement, finding them, because they are the whole circulation and life activity on the site.

Frequent mistakes.

For example, extensive paving in York and lonely protruding thuja in a small flowerbed among pavement tiles. Many of these disparate islets are called flowerbeds in the yard of a private house in the middle of paving tiles. In this case, the area allocated for the paving of the yard in North York is excessive, and the area for landscaping is negligible.

What is this area or path for?

If the functions “smeared”, illogical, then the paving in the form of paths, squares serves as an illogical connection between the volumes with strange functions, everything is natural.

As a result, disharmonious volumes appear, broken down into different triangles, squares, which we further strengthen by planting.

Chaotic mass planting of indiscriminate plants with a trampled lawn and no paths, often no vector of movement at all on the site. Many will say that this is the mystery of the garden and the gradual discovery of species, but in fact it is a discomfort caused by the lack of any links, where people feel led and focus on the desire to comprehend, not tormented by thoughts how to step over something, not to trample or stumble on numerous incoherent plantings.

They have the same common mistakes:

  • Ripped in the eyes by patterns and color.
  • Disproportionate flowerbeds in the paving in which the plants are planted, apparently for something very bad, which against a background of very active pattern and tiles, look like a mockery.
  • Numerous paths made of tiles and stone break up the most important area of the garden where the family lawn could have been in many incomprehensible, illogical forms.

That’s why, when I see the same typical mistakes everywhere, I always say it’s worth putting off the catalogues of plants, pavement tiles for a while and concentrating on what’s important.

On reasonable, logical and accordingly expressive forms arising from the contradictions of the place.

Interlock driveway in North York – does our team!

Choice of materials for yard design, site, which interlock in East York to choose?

After the study of the site, awareness and acceptance of ideas-solutions that exclude negative factors and enhance the positive, showing the design of the site. The designer starts thinking about what materials to use to express these ideas.

And then it is necessary to find the golden mean, so that the materials for the interlocking in York were expressive, textured, reliable and it is desirable that they cost not as gilded ingots and were linked to the architecture by color and texture, if such links are possible.

Important, I want to point out a frequent mistake in the selection of paving materials for the site. Homeowners often buy the same expensive clinker or paving tiles in East York and bridge with the same view. Assuming that if the material is expensive, the result will be appropriate, will not be.

Remember, in the interlock driveway in East York, as in life, everything is learned by comparison. More expensive material should be opened by contrast, stop paving, rhythm, moreover, for less money you can create much more exciting volumes.

There can be many variants, but within the limits of this article I will tell about used variant of a paving of design of a back yard of this townhouse.

Our most important task is not just to emphasize the forms, but to subordinate the whole area to an expressive form, so I chose the variant proven over the years. Where the more textured and dark stone shows the shapes, the contours, and the fine light tiles play the role of filling these forms.

The whole essence is based on the contrast of coarser, more textured stone and more elegant fine tiles. Most of the material used to highlight the contour is more expensive paving stone, clinker, and filling with cheaper paving tiles in York.

Interlock driveway in East York

But the most important thing is not to forget about the main goal, we do not lay tiles for the sake of tiles, because everyone does, we use them and solve more important tasks, organize the space, namely, allocate, concentrate, direct, separate, surprise, stop and so on. We draw the contours of the garden with it.

Accordingly, based on the small size of the section, the interlock driveway in East York should become the main conductor of the design of the small yard, its task:

  • To connect all the volumes and all the circulation of movement into one expressive form.
  • Materials for interlocking in York to allocate contours of volumes for planting plants in solid blocks.
  • Interlocking in North York should reduce the load on the initial movement on the lawn, be a buffer link.
  • Ensure the most logical movement and stay on the plot.

Let us use our example to analyses the techniques used in stone paving in York and paving tiles.

The shores of greenery in interlock in York, an important focal point, also serve as a source of fragrances, as there will be a recreation area nearby. The niches in the tiles are designed so that they are irrigated by auto watering. In the volume where the large juniper is planted, a pipe from the roof gutter enters, which will saturate the islet, and a drip irrigation pipe also passes nearby.

It is important to understand, arranging islets for plants in the body of the paving, always remember that they are a species point, respectively, the dominant volume, the background in the form of tiles should obey, not arguing or God forbid to prevail, all the surroundings of the site in various ways should accentuate this islet of greenery.

Photo of laying the stone in the paving tiles, note that for a clear accent of our island, we have created a textured and concentrating on itself, the frame of the stone.

Paving option stone driveway in North York

Twisting the paving tiles in shape. What does that mean. When we highlight the contour with a more contrasting stone, and the tiles repeat this shape. So the perfect layout of the tiles when it repeats the shape, we subdue the background, filling the contour. Remember, one thing must always be the main thing, or contour, boundaries or filling.

Stone driveway in East York – does our team!

In addition to strengthening and emphasizing the shape, the step stone serves as an important buffer zone for descending from the ground to the lawn, preventing trampling.

IMPORTANT: Any descent down a staircase or pad leads to compaction and trampling of the lawn, so stepwise paving takes over the load.

In our case, thyme is planted between the stones, constantly stepping on it fills the air with fragrances, the descent to the lawn in the garden will be accompanied by smells.

The main task of a step-by-step path made of thyme is to reduce the load on the lawn.

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